"Wilma the Maid" is the seventeenth episode of the third season and the seventy-seventh overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It first aired on January 11, 1963.


Wilma, tired of housekeeping, hires a maid. But Fred’s loud singing annoys the maid, and she quits. Inconveniently, Betty would like the maid’s assistance in receiving important guests at her house, and Fred has invited his boss, Mr. Slate, for dinner.


In a desperate effort to convince Fred that she needs a maid to help her in household duties, Wilma carries wood logs while moaning and groaning, feigns lassitude, complains of brittle hair, and uses mascara to produce dark circles under her eyes as a symptom of Hemopoopalitis, of which the treatment is restful recuperation. Fred touches Wilma's eye circles, finds thick mascara on his finger, and knows that Wilma is faking her misery.

So, Wilma changes tactic by crying loudly enough for Fred to relent and agree to hire a maid, though finding the necessary money to pay her salary will be difficult without an increase in earnings from Slate at the rock quarry. The maid is a lively Italian named Lollobrickida, who cooks a delectable menu. Unbeknown to Fred, Lollobrickida cannot abide bad singing, and after Fred's bombastic morning aria ("Oh, Lollobrickida, your food I diggeda!") in the bathroom shower, she broaches the topic of dish-shattering and ear-hurting song to Fred, but he forestalls her complaint with a promise to serenade her day and night in appreciation for her cooking, then swiftly departs home to go to his job.

Lollobrickida could not work for Fred under such torturous conditions and, while Wilma is visiting Betty, quits her Flintstone maid position. She leaves a chiseled note to this effect for Wilma to read, then walks off of the Flintstone premises. However, Wilma has already promised to loan Lollobrickida to the Rubbles so that Barney and Betty can impress, with a delicious Italian dinner from "their" maid, the Vanderocks of the Bedrock Social Club and thus be granted coveted membership therein. Further, for the same evening and without Wilma's knowledge, Fred has invited Mr. Slate to savor Lollobrickida's suppertime fare with him at home in hope that Slate will increase his pay so that he may continue employing the maid. Upon learning of Lollobrickida's resignation, Wilma offers to substitute for her as food provider for the Rubbles and Vanderocks and at home prepares spaghetti and brontosaurus meatballs.

While Wilma is pretending to be maid to the Barney and Betty, who are "putting on airs" for the Vanderocks, Fred and Slate arrive at the Flintstone house, find Lollobrickida and Wilma both gone and the food simmering on the kitchen stove, and "help themselves" to the pasta. A flustered Wilma then appears at the Flintstone dinner table and, surprised by Fred's presence there with Slate but nevertheless committed to the Rubbles, grabs the dish of spaghetti while Fred has a fork in it. Wilma races to carry the spaghetti to the Rubble home, but it unravels like a bundle of string, and the bowl is empty by the time that Wilma arrives at the Rubble dining room to serve the pasta to Barney, Betty, and the Van De Rocks.

Fred and Slate eat the meatballs, leaving only two of them remaining for Wilma to serve to the Van De Rocks, and she covers two of Barney's golf balls with tomato sauce to serve to the Rubbles; however, the Vanderocks opt to eat the smaller golf ball meatballs, which bounce out of the Rubble "window" when the Vanderocks try to insert their forks into them. Wilma decides to tell the truth to the Vanderocks to spare her friends any further embarrassment, and the Vanderocks are surprisingly pleased that Barney and Betty are not wealthy, maid-employing snobs and invite the Rubbles to join the Bedrock Social Club. Wilma also apologizes to Slate, who decides to augment Fred's salary to prevent Wilma from needing to anymore work as a maid.





  • News-slab
  • Diagnose Your Own Ills book (only appearance)
  • Spaghetti bouldermaise (only appearance)




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Mrs. Vanderock
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Porcupine Brush
Henry (Elephant)
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Howard Morris Ted Stonevan
Tex Bricker
Filbert (Dinosaur)
Knitting Needle
Chisel Bird
Turtlesaurus Butler
John Stephenson Mr. Slate
Mr. Vanderock



  • There is a reference to "snap, crackle and pop" which is from Rice Krispies cereal ads.


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