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Wilma Anna Flintstone (née Pebble or Slaghoople—see below) is a fictional character and the tritagonist of the original series, The Flintstones and the rest of the franchise.


She is the attractive red-headed wife of caveman Fred Flintstone, daughter of Pearl Slaghoople, mother of Pebbles Flintstone and grandmother to Roxy and Chip Rubble. Her best friends were her next door neighbors, Betty and Barney Rubble.


Wilma's personality was based on that of Alice Kramden, wife of Ralph Kramden on the 1950s television series The Honeymooners. Thus, much like Alice, Wilma plays the serious, strong-willed, level-headed person in her marriage, often criticizing Fred for pursuing his various ill-fated schemes. Wilma will also often be the one to bail out Fred when one of his schemes lands him in trouble.

Wilma also can be extremely and emotionally unhappy too, sometimes she even starts sobbing. Like Betty, Wilma cries when something goes wrong in addition, one example being after Fred tells her about going to the Fireman's Ball. Also, she’s a loving and caring mother to her daughter, Pebbles.

Physical Appearance[]

Wilma is an unbearably beautiful, very attractive and slender cavewoman with fair skin. She has swirly red-orange hair, wears a white loincloth dress with a torn hemline, a pearl necklace, and red lipstick (in some specials and shows it's pink). Another notable thing about Wilma is that she has black dots for eyes. 

Although she's a modest woman, Wilma along with Betty proved themselves the two most beautiful women in Bedrock, as shown in "The Beauty Contest". In the plan to surprise Fred and Barney, Wilma and Betty snuck into a beauty contest. Removing their necklaces and donning swimsuits and heels, they showed themselves to be stunning, shapely and lovely.

Occupations and Interests[]

She became a housewife and was also a good cook. One of her specialties was Gravelberry Pie - the recipe for which she eventually sold to the Safestone supermarket chain. Wilma also enjoyed volunteering for various charitable and women's organizations in Bedrock, shopping, and (occasionally) getting to meet the celebrities of their world, including "Stony Curtis", "Rock Quarry" and "Jimmy Darrock".

When Pebbles was a teenager, Wilma (along with Betty) gained employment as a reporter for one of Bedrock's newspapers (or, more accurately, news-slabs), the Daily Granite (a spoof of the Daily Planet of Superman fame), under the editorial guidance of Lou Granite. While employed there, she shared various adventures with prehistoric superhero Captain Caveman, who (in a secret identity as Chester) also worked for the newspaper (a la Clark Kent).

Later still, after Pebbles grew up and left home in I Yabba-Dabba Do! and Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby, Wilma started a successful catering business, "Bone Appetite" with her neighbor and friend Betty.



While the mid-1980s spin-off series The Flintstone Kids depicts Wilma as a child, the series seems to be mostly apocryphal due to its presenting Wilma as a childhood friend of Betty, Fred and Barney (the original series asserted that they met as young adults) as well as using the last name Slaghoople instead of the original Pebbles. Still, the series' depictions that Wilma had younger sisters and that her father—who apparently died by the time Wilma reached adulthood—ran a prehistoric computer business might be taken as valid. Wilma did mention having a married sister in the sixth season.

In the original series' third season, including the episode, "The Dress Rehearsal" for example, Wilma became pregnant, and gave birth to the couple's only child, Pebbles.

Later in Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby and A Flintstone Family Christmas, she became a grandmother to Bamm-Bamm's twin children, Chip and Roxy.

Love Interests[]

As a young adult, Wilma worked with Betty as cigarette girls/waitresses at a resort. There, they first met and fell in love with their future husbands, Fred and Barney (who were working there as bellhops).

Wilma's mother, Pearl Pebbles Slaghoople, also met her future son-in-law, and took a disliking toward Fred (and vice-versa), starting a long-lasting rivalry between the two.

Later, Wilma and Fred were married in Rock Vegas in I Yabba-Dabba Do! (in a flashback) and The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas.

Maiden Name[]

Wilma's maiden name has been a source of dispute. Several early episodes in the original series clearly stated Wilma's maiden name was "Pebble." In the episode "The Entertainer", Wilma's old friend Greta Gravel remembers her as "Wilma Pebble". Again, in "Dial 'S' for Suspicion", one of Wilma's old boyfriends Rodney Whetstone calls her "Wilma Pebble." It could be possible that Pebble is her middle name. This wouldn't be illogical, due to the potential difficulty of pronouncing Slaghoople.

However, later episodes and spin-offs also firmly state her maiden name was indeed "Slaghoople," based upon the name of Wilma's mother in the original series, Pearl Slaghoople. Flintstones writer Earl Kress explained the discrepancy as such: "It's just as simple as Hanna-Barbera not caring about the continuity."


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