Western Publishing, also known as Western Printing and Lithographing Company, was a firm responsible for publishing the Little Golden Books and also the books and comics featured in the franchise of The Flintstones.


From 1938 to 1962, Western's comics came out under the Dell Comics imprint, who also handled the distribution and financing of the line. In 1962, Western decided to end its partnership with Dell and publish comics themselves, and set up Gold Key Comics.

This continued until the late 1970s, after which newsstand distribution was discontinued in favor of distribution to toy stores etc. under the "Whitman Comics" banner. They stopped publishing comics in 1984, and all their licenses have since gone to other publishers. Some of their comics were published under that name, especially March of Comics with former shoe brands.


Whitman Tell-A-Tale

Cover Title Published
At The Circus Tell-A-Tale.jpg Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones at the Circus 1963
The Rubbles and Bamm-Bamm - Problem Present - Book Cover.jpg Hanna-Barbera's The Rubbles and Bamm-Bamm: Problem Present 1964
Pebbles Flintstone - Daddy's Little Helper - Book Cover.jpg Hanna-Barbera's Pebbles Flintstone: Daddy's Little Helper 1965
Pebbles Flintstone ABC's - Book Cover.jpg Hanna-Barbera's Pebbles Flintstone - ABC's 1966

Whitman Big Tell-A-Tale

Cover Title Published
Picnic Panic.jpg Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones: Picnic Panic 1965
The Flintstones at the B Bar B.jpg Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones: At the B Bar B 1965

Whitman Top Top Tales

Cover Title Published
Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones and Dino - Top Tales.jpg Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones and Dino 1961
Fred Flintstone - Bewildered Baby-Sitter with Pebbles.jpg Hanna-Barbera's Fred Flintstone: Bewildered Baby-Sitter with Pebbles 1963
Pebbles Flintstone - Runaway.jpg Hanna-Barbera's Pebbles Flintstone: Runaway 1963

Little Golden Book

Cover Title Published Notes
Fred and Junior .jpg Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones 1961 Before their daughter Pebbles and their pet Dino, The Flintstones had a son named Junior and a giant pet brontosaurus named Harvey. Sadly however, they were not shown and they were deleted in the original series.
Hanna-Barbera's Cave Kids - Book Cover.jpg Hanna-Barbera's Cave Kids 1963 They appeared later in the comics by Gold Key.
Bamm-Bamm with Pebbles Flintstone - Little Golden Book Cover.jpg Bamm-Bamm with Pebbles Flintstone 1963 N/A.

Big Golden Book

Cover Title Published
No image.png Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones: Buried Treasure 1962
Bamm-Bamm with Pebbles Flintstone - Big Golden Book - Book Cover.jpg Bamm-Bamm with Pebbles Flintstone 1963
Pebbles Flintstone - Big Golden Book - Book Cover.jpg Pebbles Flintstone 1963


Cover Title Published
The Flintstones - A Whitman Comic Book.jpg Hanna Barbera’s The Flintstones (A Whitman Comic Book #4) 1962
The Case of the Many Missing Things - Book Cover.jpg Hanna-Barbera's The Flintstones: The Case of the Many Missing Things (Whitman Big Little Book) 1968
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