Weirdly Gruesome was a recurring character in the The Flintstones during the show's original run in the 60s. He is the patriarch of The Gruesomes Family and was Fred Flintstone's creepy neighbor during the original show's final seasons.


Weirdly and his family were the first attempt at giving the Flintstones' a spooky neighboring family to take advantage of the reinvigorated monster craze caused by the Addams Family, the Munsters and the monster films by Hammer and Universal studios, with Weirdly himself drawing many similarities from Gomez Addams. However the Gruesomes longevity and prominence in following Flintstones media of the 20th century would not be as prevalent as that of The Frankenstones Family, a succeeding creepy family that proved more popular than the Gruesomes and would appear in more sequel media and even receive their own animated segments. However the Gruesomes would continue to be remembered by future audiences due to more regular reruns of the original 1960s Flintstones than reruns of its spinoffs and sequels.


Weirdly is an unusual and creepy man on first impression, but he is actually quite friendly and jovial.

Physical Appearance

Weirdly is a short individual who, like the rest of his family, is a humanoid green-skinned being similar in nature to a goblin. Weirdly also has green hair, rather hairy arms, fangs and a small mustache.

His outfit is the typical primitive caveman attire colored purple.

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