The Flintstones

The Water Buffalo Lodge (known as The Water Buffalo Hall, Loyal Order of Water Buffalo Lodge, or Royal Order of Water Buffalo Lodge and earlier in three episodes, "Hot Lips Hannigan", "The Golf Champion" and "Rooms for Rent" in the first season as The Loyal Order of Dinosaurs Lodge or Hall) is a very exclusive men-only lodge and one of the recurring locations of the franchise of The Flintstones.


The Water Buffalo Lodge is the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes' main base of operation and where all their meetings and events are held. It is a large Stone Age building whose appearance varies between episode, but is consistently portrayed as large and having a large sign up front that says the club's name. Its interior usually appears as a large auditorium or theater where the members sit and listen to the orders and schedules made by the Grand Poobah, Sam Slagheap, who stands behind a podium to instruct fellow members on the purpose of the meetings.




  • The Water Buffalo Lodge looks different in its first appearance.