&nbsp The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show is a 30-minute Saturday morning

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animated series spin-off of The Flintstones produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, which ran for 16 half-hour episodes from September 11, 1971, to September 2, 1972, and four 8-minute episodes (as part of The Flintstone Comedy Hour) from September 9, 1972, to September 1, 1973, on CBS.


The show followed neighbors Pebbles Flintstone (voiced by Sally Struthers and in Season 2 by Mickey Stevens) and Bamm-Bamm Rubble (voiced by Jay North) as teen sweethearts. The episodes were set mainly in the duo's activities at Bedrock High School in the prehistoric town of Bedrock with their friends Moonrock (the school genius and resident inventor), Penny (a slightly overweight girl obsessed with being thin), Wiggy (who planned her day according to what it said in the daily horoscope and has big feet), snobby Cindy (Pebbles's rival) and her equally snobby boyfriend Fabian, Bad Luck Schleprock (whose favorite catchphrase was, "Oh wowsie wowsie woo woo. Miserable day, isn't it?"), and a motorcycle gang called the Bronto Bunch (Bronto, Noodles, Stub, and Zonk). Bronto's favorite catchphrase was, "Wait for your leader, you dummies!" (said whenever his gang took off without him). Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty were also featured on the show in supporting roles. Their favorite hangout was a fast food joint called Brontoburgers'.

A running gag that occurred throughout the run of the series was whenever Pebbles came up with an idea (good or not-so-good), she would say, "Yabba Dabba Dooozie!" (a play on her father's, "Yabba Dabba Doo!" from the earlier series) and Bamm Bamm would become exasperated with Pebbles' "crazy hair-brained schemes". Among Bamm Bamm's favorite catchphrases was, "Oh no! She's got that look in her eye!" (said whenever Pebbles came up with one of her nutty ideas). The series was produced and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, animation directed by Charles A. Nichols, and written by Neal Barbera, Walter Black, Larz Bourne, Tom Dagenais, Bob Ogle, Larry Rhine, Richard Robbins, Joe Ruby and Ken Spears. The music was composed by Hoyt Curtin. A second season of four new 8-minute episodes aired as part of The Flintstone Comedy Hour in 1972; episodes from both seasons were later featured as segments on the syndicated weekday series Fred Flintstone and Friends in 1977.

In the late 1980s, repeats were shown on USA Cartoon Express and later resurfaced on Cartoon Network and Boomerang. Like many animated series created by Hanna-Barbera in the 1970s, the show contained an abridged, inferior laugh track created by the studio.

Episodes (The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show)

Season 1 (1971–1972)

# Episode title Original airdate
PEB-1 "Gridiron Girl Trouble" September 11, 1971
PEB-2 "Putty in Her Hands" September 18, 1971
PEB-3 "Frog for A Day" September 25, 1971
PEB-4 "The Golden Voice" October 2, 1971
PEB-5 "Daddy's Little Helper" October 9, 1971
PEB-6 "Focus Foolery" October 16, 1971
PEB-7 "Pebbles' Big Boast" October 23, 1971
PEB-8 "The Grand Prix Pebbles" October 30, 1971
PEB-9 "The Terrible Snorkosaurus" November 6, 1971
PEB-10 "Schleprock's New Image" November 13, 1971
PEB-11 "Coach Pebbles" November 20, 1971
PEB-12 "No Cash and Carry" November 27, 1971
PEB-13 "Wooly the Great" December 4, 1971
PEB-14 "Mayor May Not" December 11, 1971
PEB-15 "They Went That Away" December 18, 1971
PEB-16 "The Birthday Present" January 1, 1972

Episodes (The Flintstone Comedy Hour)

Season 2 (1972–1973)

# Episode title Original airdate
FCH-1 "Squawkie Talkies" September 9, 1972
FCH-2 "The Suitor Computer" September 9, 1972
FCH-3 "Beauty and the Beast" September 16, 1972
FCH-4 "Bedlam in Bedrock" September 16, 1972

These 4 new episodes of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm aired during the second half of The Flintstone Comedy Hour. Mickey Stevens replaced Sally Struthers as the voice of Pebbles on these episodes.


  • Sally Struthers- Pebbles Flintstone (Season 1)
  • Mickey Stevens - Pebbles Flintstone (Season 2)
  • Jay North - Bamm-Bamm Rubble
  • Mel Blanc - Barney Rubble, Zonk, Stub
  • Carl Esser - Fabian Fabquartz
  • Gay Hartwig (Autterson) - Betty Rubble, Wiggy Rockstone, Cindy Curbstone
  • Mitzi McCall- Penny Pillar
  • Don Messick - Schleprock
  • Alan Reed - Fred Flintstone
  • John Stephenson - Mr. Slate, Noodles
  • Jean Vander Pyl - Wilma Flintstone
  • Lenny Weinrib - Moonrock Crater, Bronto

DVD release

On March 18, 2008, Warner Home Video released The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show: The Complete Series on DVD in Region 1. The 2-disc set also includes four bonus episodes of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from The Flintstone Comedy Hour.


DVD Name No. of Episodes Release Date
The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show: The Complete Series 16 + 4 bonus episodes March 18, 2008

Later appearances

In the episode Revenge of the Man Crab from Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm make a short appearance.

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