For the machine created by Barney, see Flintstone Flyer.

"The Flintstone Flyer" is the first episode of the first season of The Flintstones. It first aired on September 30, 1960.


It's Sunday, and Fred Flintstone is looking to spend the day relaxing, but the chances of that are slim due to the noises being made by his next-door neighbor Barney Rubble, who is playing golf at first, and then inventing a prehistoric helicoptor. Fred doubts the machine will fly until Barney proves him wrong. When Fred tries to fly it, he ends up falling off a cliff because of his weight. Despite his injuries, Fred is still determined to compete in the Bowling Championships that evening. However, he discovers from his wife, Wilma, that they are going to the opera with Barney and his wife Betty that night. However, Fred devises a plan.

That night, just as the Flintstones and the Rubbles are leaving, Fred suddenly goes into "a state of shock" supposedly from Fred's crash. Barney offers to stay and look after Fred while Wilma and Betty go to the opera. Once the women are gone, Fred and Barney sneak off to the bowling alley on Barney's helicoptor which Barney has fixed and made stronger than before in order to carry the extra weight (namely Fred and the bowling balls). While Fred and Barney are bowling, Wilma and Betty are enjoying the opera. Once the intermission comes, Wilma and Betty decide to ring Fred and Barney. They find a phone in the bowling alley, which is just across the street from the theatre. Wilma rings the home number, but when nobody answers, she gets worried. Betty then spots Fred and Barney. Realizing they've been spotted, Fred and Barney each don a fake moustache using bristles from a broom, and succeed in fooling their wives, who decide to head home. However, Wilma and Betty are suspicious.

Fred and Barney manage to reach the house before Wilma and Betty who look into the bedroom and see Barney reading to Fred. Fred thinks he and Barney have gotten away with their little scheme until Barney, still wearing his mustache, turns to face the wives. Wilma and Betty, realizing they've been tricked, start to attack their husbands, off-screen, even though objects are seen being tossed out of the window. Fred and Barney run for their lives and take off on the coptor. Some hours later, Wilma and Betty are seen playing a card game with Fred and Barney still up in the air, but not for much longer as Barney is getting tired.

Credited Animator : Carlo Vinci


Wilma and Betty are driving home after being duped by their husbands into thinking they were two complete strangers.

Wilma: "I was never so embarrased in my life. How could two sets of characters look so much alike?"

Betty: "All I can say is one set of characters better be home when we get there. Step on it!"

Betty: "What'll we say when they ask why we're home so early?"

Wilma: "Just say we missed them".

Betty: "Why not tell them the truth?"

Wilma: "And say we don't trust them around the corner?"

Wilma and Betty are chasing their husbands after discovering their ruse. Fred and Barney take off on Barney's helicoptor.

Wilma: "Come back, you cowards!"

Betty: "Wilma, they're getting away!"

Wilma: "Oh, don't worry. Whatever goes up sooner or later comes down, especially the fat ones".

Last lines

Wilma and Betty are playing a card game.

Wilma: "Your play".

Betty: "Gin! (She looks up to the sky) Um, how long would you say they've been up there?"

Wilma: "Oh, about six hours, give or take a few".

Fred and Barney are then shown hovering overhead. Barney's slowing down.

Barney: "But Fred, my legs are getting tired".

Fred: "Are your legs tired, or are you tired of living? Keep pumping!"

Barney: "I'm too pooped to pump".

Down below.

Wilma: "It won't be long now. Barney's running out of gas".

Betty: "I know, but it'll be nice to have them back".

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