First released on The Flintstones: The Collector's Edition on VHS in 1994, it made its television debut on Cartoon Network in May 1994 and aired again on Boomerang in November 2006. It was released on DVD in 2001 and again in 2004.



Bedrock (first appearance)


Daws Butler Fred Flintstone
Barney Rubble
June Foray Betty Rubble
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone


  • This was the original pilot episode for The Flintstones in 1959, but was never shown with the original series. It was actually a 90 second "demo reel" (with grease-pencil marks still visible on the film), designed to sell the series to potential advertisers in the winter of 1960, depicting a scene from what would eventually become the episode, "The Swimming Pool".
  • Daws Butler provided the voices of Fred and Barney, June Foray was Betty (her appearance was somewhat redesigned for the actual series), and Jean Vander Pyl was Wilma (the only actor from the pilot to regularly reprise their role for the actual series).
  • Kenneth Muse was the animator for this film reel.
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