"The Buffalo Convention" is the seventh episode of the third season and the sixty-seventh overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It aired on October 26, 1962.


Fred's birthday gift to Wilma is a Doozy Dodo Bird that talks--and may spill the beans about the boys' planned trip to Frantic City for a Water Buffalo convention.


Fred surprises Wilma with a birthday gift bought at the last minute by a cheap five dollars from a stealthy vendor on a street: a talking Doozy Dodo Bird. The surprise is unpleasant for Wilma, who expected something somewhat more lavish, and worse still, the bird does not talk on cue for Wilma, who proclaims that she will keep the bird to show to her friends the type of birthday gift that her husband sees fit to give to her.

The Water Buffalo Lodge's annual raucous convention is planned for a weekend in Frantic City, and because all Lodge brothers' wives would never permit them to go to such an event, the Lodge's "doctor", who is really a plumber, diagnoses every Water Buffalo with "Dippy-Doodlitus", a malady treatable by a leisurely weekend away from wife and home- in Frantic City. The Dodo bird overhears Fred and Barney talking about this deception and reveals his mimicking ability- and Fred and Barney try to dispose of "Doozy" before the bird "parrots" the Lodge's scheme to Wilma and Betty. They transport Doozy in Fred's car some 100 miles away from Bedrock and strand him in the middle of nowhere. The wives grudgingly allow their cavemen to go to Frantic City as arranged.

Shortly after Fred and Barney's departure thereto, an exhausted Doozy appears, having walked the 100 miles back to Bedrock, and Wilma and Betty's delight at learning that Doozy really can talk is short-lived when the bird "stool pigeons" Fred and Barney's Frantic City frolic. Wilma and Betty lead the wives of all Water Buffalos on a furious journey to Frantic City to spring out of a cake in the place of a bevy of bikini beauties and scare the living daylights out of their lying spouses. Fred and Barney flee beneath a boardwalk to leap into the Atlantic Ocean, where they hope to stay submerged long enough to escape Wilma and Betty's wrath.




  • Flintstone home
  • Water Buffalo Lodge
  • Bedrock Sporting Goods Store
  • Frantic City (only appearance)
    • Water Buffalo Convention Hall (only appearance)


  • Barbell and weights
  • Spears
  • Golf clubs
  • 12-Pebble Shotgun (only appearance)
  • Fishing net
  • Clubs with boxing gloves




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Gal #1
Gal #3
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Mrs. Stonewall
Gal #2
John Stephenson Sam Slagheap
Ben Casement
Hal Smith Peddler


  • Although Doozy is introduced as Wilma's pet, he is never seen again.


  • This episode appears to be a variation of Laurel and Hardy's classic 1933 movie, Sons of the Desert.
  • In this episode, Fred and Barney go to the "Frantic City", which is an obvious parody of Atlantic City.


  • Note that the store sign has the word "gauge" misspelled.

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