Team Mates (known as Teammates) is the third song of the 1966 animated film, The Man Called Flintstone. It was sung by Fred Flintstone (Henry Corden) and Barney Rubble (Mel Blanc).


After Barney and Fred gets packed up and ready to go to Eurock with Betty, Wilma, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, they sing about teammates working together with their friendship, cooperation and teamwork, without being separated from each other.


Fred: Here we are
Like we always are
Barney: When you're near
I'm never far
Fred: We're a matched and perfect set
Barney: Never separated yet, in fact

Fred: We are the indisputable
Barney: Spositively irrefutable
Both: You might say we're me-and-you-able
Teammates, teammates

Fred: We may stay or we may go
Either way we always know
We will both be on the scene
Barney: Nothing ever comes between us, cause

Fred: We are the most reliable
Barney: Definitely undeniable
Both: It's like you-and-I-able
Teammates, teammates we

Fred: When I broke my arm last summer,
You wore the cast
Barney: What else could I do?
We're teammates through and through
Me and you
Both: Teammates, teammates, teammates
Fred: When I exercise, it's you
Who always starts breathing fast
Barney: How else could it be?
We're suited to a tee, you and me
Both: Teammates, teammates, teammates
Now that's the long and short of it
The unabridged report of it
The starboard and the port of it
Teammates, teammates we

Fred: Yeah, that's the long and short of it
Barney: The unabridged report of it
Both: The starboard and the port of it
Teammates, teammates we

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