Tanya Malachite is the Green Goose's seductive lieutenant, a one-time character and the tertiary antagonist of the 1966 animated film, The Man Called Flintstone.


Physical Appearance

Tanya is slender with red lips, black hair and light gray skin on her head and neck. Also, she wears a red and plum-primrose and black spotted dress with a gray button bone in the middle and boots, a red hat covering the top of her face and red gloves.

Role in the film

When Rock Slag, the top secret agent who had been battling the villainous syndicate, becomes incapacitated, Fred Flintstone is recruited as a replacement, due to the protagonist being a dead ringer for the hero. Chief Boulder explains to him that women have an irresistible attraction to Slag, and that they wish to use this to their advantage by seducing Tanya into cooperating with them.

She and Fred finally meet in Rome, Italy. Pretending to be troubled by her boss's ambitions, the hench-woman agrees to bind the Green Goose while Flintstone has him distracted. However, it is in fact the faux secret agent who falls into the loyal Tanya's trap.

Tanya tortures Fred's pal, Barney Rubble, in order to prod him into telling them what they want to know. It is revealed shortly after that the Green Goose has housed a deadly "inter-rockinental" rocket missile in the guise of an abandoned amusement park space ride. Trapping Fred and Barney inside the missile, he plans to launch them into a target with it.

However, after some quick thinking from the heroes as they change the setting to "space" and then use the Green Goose's own greed against him, it is him along with Tanya and his other henchmen, Bobo and Ali, who receives this fate.


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