"Swedish Visitors" is the twenty-seventh episode of the third season and the eighty-seventh overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It aired on March 29, 1963.


Wilma rents out the Flintstone family's home to of Swedish musicians.


When Fred elects to enjoy his week's vacation by relaxing at home, Wilma uses Fred's saved eighty dollars of vacation travel money to indulge herself with purchase of a fur stole, without mention thereof to Fred. The arrival in Bedrock of a week-long musicians' convention meaning scarce quiet at home for Fred results in a change of plan: the Flintstones will camp at Jellyrock Park, and for expenses, Fred will need the eighty dollars, after all.

Thus, Wilma is in a bind. She must replace the eighty dollars in the Flintstone bank account, i.e. the eighty dollars withdrawn by her unbeknownst to Fred, and wants to do so quickly before Fred learns from the bank manager that eighty "clams" had been removed from the account by Mrs. Flintstone. Enter three Swedish musicians, Ingar, Ole, and tall dimwit Svend. They approach Wilma to ask for lodging during the convention, and Wilma rents the Flintstone abode to them for a week for eighty dollars while she, Fred, and Pebbles are at Jellyrock Park- and succeeds in depositing the eighty-dollars-in-advance rental payment from the Swedes into the bank before Fred can arrive there for an eighty-dollar withdrawal.

Seconds after the Flintstones depart their home for Jellyrock Park, the three musicians arrive to begin their week's stay, about which Fred knows nothing, at the vacant Flintstone house. Jellyrock Park is a disaster, with dynamiting and felling of trees by workmen building a new road through the wilderness, thunder storms, and Yogi Bear and Boo Boo stealing the Flintstones' picnic basket behind Fred and Wilma's backs.

As a result, Fred is eager to return home days early. While Wilma and Pebbles are sleeping in the camper-trailer rented by Fred for the Jellyrock Park, he car-drives it back to Bedrock and finds the three musicians in his house! Wilma must now confess her boarder agreement and its reason to Fred, and Fred is anything but happy accommodating Ingar, Ole, and Svend in the house while he, Wilma, and Pebbles must live in the camper-trailer in the driveway. Fred orders Dino to enter the house and scare the musicians, but they charm Dino with a meal of Swedish meatballs.

Fred next tries to repel the boarders through loud music performed outdoors at night by himself and Barney, but the three Swedes join the "jam session", and Fred and Barney retreat to the Rubbles' house, where Barney, at Fred's urging, telephones the police to arrest the three musicians for disturbing the peace.

At the police station, Ingar, Ole, and Svend sing a song that they have written in honor of Fred, whom they believe to be a kind and generous man who lent to them his house and his pet, and Fred is as inspired as the duty Sergeant by the talent of the Swedish threesome. He is pleased to vouch for their good conduct, and no criminal charges are laid against the trio. Fred, however, is responsible for Barney's telephoned complaint and must pay fifty dollars to the irate desk Sergeant to prevent him from jailing Barney for the misdemeanor of objecting to the excellent musical sense of Ingar, Ole, and Svend.





  • Hyannisstone (only appearance, in a map)
  • Niagara Rock Falls (only appearance, in a map)
  • Jellyrock Park (only appearance)


  • Trumpet
  • Drums




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Pebbles Flintstone
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Daws Butler Yogi Bear
Don Messick Boo Boo
Howard Morris Owe
Henry Hoople Ingmar


  • The brothers are Owe, Ingmar and Sven Erickson.
  • Swedish musician Owe Thörnqvist guest vocalized in the episode and sang his song "Wilma" in the episode. This whole episode was based from the song.
    • The lawyers of Hanna-Barbera in Hollywood contacted Owe believing there using some of the properties of the show without their permission. Owe helped fix the mistake by clarifying that the chorus line "jabadabadooo", which sounds like Fred's iconic catchphrase and trademark, "Yabba-Dabba-Doo!", was an old viking sound when you find a woman and Wilma is a common name in Sweden; making all point factors coincidental.
    • Bill and Joe adored his kindness and funny attitude so much that they resolved the issue by having him come to the Hollywood in the Hanna-Barbera studio and record an English version of his song to be used for the show, although they decided to use the Swedish version instead for the episode.
  • Some of the vacation destinations the Flintstones discuss are Hyannisstone (Hyannisport), Niagara Rock Falls (Niagara Falls) and Jellyrock Park (Jellystone National Park).
  • This episode features cameos by Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, who in typical fashion steal the Flintstones' picnic basket.


  • When Fred walks into the room with a snack (for the second time) He goes back and returns with a purple salt shaker. But in the next shot, the salt shaker is blue.

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