a future flinstone

Stoney (A Flintstone Family Christmas) is the newest (temporary) member of the Flintstones. he appears in A Flintstone Family Christmas.


Stoney first appear when he dress like one of the santas and mugged Fred and Barney and order Fred to give him his wallet. After getting the wallet a tossing  turkyssaurus "breaks" Santa in half, revealing to be a young kid. After being ID at the police station by Fred and Barney, It was revealed that Stoney's a caveless boy who used to be the horror of foster homes because of his stealing habits. Wilma then had the idea to adopt Stoney but Fred Hated the idea. For the rest of the special Fred tried to teach Stoney about not stealing, only yo have the habit steal working for Stoney. After sending him and Fred to jail, Stoney was then taken by social worker. However he was saved by Fred (dress like Santa) and decide to bring him home for Christmas. At the Flintstone's Home, while Stoney was bonding with the twins. Fred says that the new addition to the family gets to put the star on the Christmas tree. Stoney thinks Fred is referring to Roxy and Chip, but it turns out it is him and he becomes a offical Flintstone.


  • Since Stoney is now a flintstone, that means he's
    • ​Fred's and Willma's adopted son.
    • Pebble's adopted younger brother.
    • Bamm-Bamm's adopted brother-in-law.
    • Roxy and Chip's uncle.
    • Pearl's slaghoople's adopted grandson.
  • Because he was never  anunced to appear in a new spin-off of Flinstones he probably he was probably adopted by a better family for he or the new spin-off of F;instones are when he is an  teenager/young people and Flinstones leave him.
  • He has probably now a lovely family.
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