Stoney Flintstone (known as Stony) is the newest and adopted member of the Flintstone family and a one-time character of the 1993 Christmas special, A Flintstone Family Christmas.


Physical Appearance

Stoney is a short and slender caveboy with fair skin, blonde hair, black eyebrows, and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue loin-cloth with a light blue and dark blue short-sleeved loin-cloth jacket and a red and black spotted hat backwards.

Role in the special

When Fred and Barney left to get their turkeysaurus for dinner and on the way back home, they were mugged by a street corner Santa and Fred handed over his wallet and watch and ordered Barney to give him the bird, but while tossing the turkeysaurus, the "false Santa" "split" in half. Seizing the opportunity, the two run away from the mugger and it was revealed to be Stoney.

At the police station and according to Stella Stalactite, a social worker at the Bedrock Social Services, It was revealed that Stoney was a "caveless" boy who used to be the horror of foster homes because of his stealing habits. Feeling sympathetic for Stoney, Wilma decided to adopt him, despite Fred's initial reluctance. They tried to show Stoney that they trusted him and attempted to teach him that stealing was wrong.

While shopping, for a Christmas tree, Stoney attempted to help by convincing people to bet on him as he played a game in order to earn enough money for the Flintstones to buy the tree. When a man lost, he chased Stoney, who ran for cover near Fred. The man claimed that Stoney cheated him, and Fred asked him if this is true. Stoney then truthfully replied "yes", and when Fred believed him, he got hit in the head with a tree by the man.

To make it up to Fred, Stoney posed as Mr. Slate's driver and locked him up in the Flintstones' bathroom, which he thought would allow Fred to participate in the parade. Instead, Fred saved his boss but ended up in the police station, sharing a cell with Stoney. Although he was initially angry him for putting him in this predicament, Fred eventually found himself bonding with Stoney. However, Stella eventually came and, believing things did not work out, took Stoney away, but not before he left a gift for Fred behind.

At the parade, Fred was saddened about Stoney being taken away now that he was finally realized he wasn't such a bad kid. After looking at the gift Stoney left for him, Fred took control of the sleigh that he was riding and retrieved Stoney, telling Stella that "Stoney's got a home for the holidays!"

Later, at the Flintstone home, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm sang Christmas carols with the rest of the gang, and Stoney bonded with Chip and Roxy. Fred said that it was now time for the newest member of the family to put the star on the Christmas tree. Stoney thought Fred was referring to the twins, but it turned out it was him, because he's being adopted into the Flintstone family. Bamm-Bamm helped him put the star and they all had a happy Christmas.



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