Stoney is the main antagonist of the 1988 special "The Flintstone Kids' Just Say No Special". He is a "cool kid" who recently uses drugs. In fact, much to his friends' and Wilma's shock, that was the surprise he had. He denies that drugs are hurting him because, for one thing, as Wilma's mother said, drugs make it so he cannot see straight. He tries to make sure Wilma does drugs in order for her to hang out with them. This is a problem, as Wilma had been friends with his only female member Dottie since Freddy, Barney, Betty and Philo had gone on a Hollyrock vacation. Stoney is voiced by the late Dana Hill.

At the end of the special, during a race, his drugs had fallen out of his pocket and after the end, he is caught by Officer Quartz after his posse quits on him and joins Wilma's "Just Say No" club. Officer Quartz lectures him on drugs not only being stupid and being physically and mentally harmful, but also being illegal, and takes him to the police station.

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