Spy Type Guy is the second song of the 1966 animated film, The Man Called Flintstone.


He's gonna be a spy
A double zero guy
He's got that certain air
Full of the old savoir-faire

He'll drive a jazzy car
Like some big movie star
And catch each lady's eye
A spy type guy

He'll carry an attaché
Don't ask what's an attaché
It fits in a briefcase
All agents have them

If someone gets the drop
With one karate chop
He'll send 'em beddy-bye
'Cause he's the spy type guy

He can shoot
A gun from his handmade boot
His bulletproof tailor suit
Is really a whopper
It's a helicopper

He'll go from place to place
And never leave a trace
He'll save the human race
'Cause he's the spy type
Sly type
Spy type guy

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