"Son of Rockzilla" is the twenty-fourth episode of the fourth season and the one hundred and twelfth overall episode of The Flintstones. It aired on February 27, 1964.


Fred takes a job wearing a monster costume in a publicity stunt for a new movie. However, he proves to be too good at this job, when he scares everyone in Bedrock.


Fiendish Films' chief executive, Mr. Fiendish, wants to sensationalise the upcoming release of his latest production of the prehistoric horror genre, The Son of Rockzilla, and his publicity manager, Bunkly, suggests the scare-'em-stunt of dressing a man in a rubber Rockzilla suit, "unleashing" him onto the streets of Bedrock, and announcing to the news media that a monster is "at large".

As fate would have it, Fiendish and Bunkly witness Fred's tantrum after Barney drops his bowling ball onto Fred's foot as Flintstone and Rubble are walking to their favourite bowling alley haunt- and, of course, decide that Fred is the man whom they require to wear the Rockzilla costume. Promising $50 for one night's work and prospect of fame and a movie career, Fiendish and Bunkly easily convince Fred to become Rockzilla for their somewhat less than community-responsible plan of scaring Bedrock into becoming Rockzilla-conscious.

Although Wilma and Betty are both sceptical of Fred's starry-eyed Hollyrock dreams and deem Fred to be ridiculous in his monster garb, Fred/Rockzilla embarks with Barney on the evening of his Fiendish Films assignment to the Bedrock Zoo to learn from an animal there how to act horrifying. Said animal is Doris the Finkasaurus, a female reflection of Fred's uncomely vestment, who, after Fred attempts to emulate her fits of rage and Fred and Barney walk away from her, breaks free of her cage- and now, a real monster is "on the loose".

Police, responding to the media reports, incited by a "tip" from Fiendish Films, that Rockzilla now stalks Bedrock, have increased their patrols and inevitably encounter and pursue Fred (Rockzilla) and Barney, firing stone-projecting pistols at them. Fred and Barney hide behind a park bush from the policemen. Fred is desperate to evacuate his troublesome guise, but Fred and Barney are unable to open Fred's Rockzilla attire due to its faulty neck-latch.

While Barney hurries to a hardware store to procure the needed costume-removal tools, Fred is beset by the amorous advances of Doris and thus flees both Doris and the minions of the law, finally arriving at the door to the house where Wilma is playing bridge with her friends and elicits Wilma's aid in shedding his beast "skin", which Wilma does- with one of her woman's implements.

Doris arrives at this place, as soon do Barney and the police. Doris proves to be fickle in her affections, almost drowning Barney with her salivating licks. For the time being, Fred forsakes his "movie star" ambitions, authorities do not prosecute Fred for his involvement with Fiendish Films' antics, and Barney helps to return Doris to her zoo cage.


Other Characters

  • Henry (only appearance)
  • Waiter (only appearance)
  • Mr. Fiendish (only appearance)
  • Mrs. Fiendish (mentioned)
  • Bunkly (only appearance)
  • Doris the Finkasaurus (only appearance)
  • Frankenstone (only appearance in a poster)
  • Two teenagers (only appearance in a poster)
  • Officer Brickley (only appearance)
  • Sergeant McAsphalt (only appearance)
  • News Boy (only appearance)
  • Thelma (only appearance)
  • Fran (only appearance)
  • Uncle Herman (mentioned)




  • Rock Springs (mentioned)



  • Spaghetti





Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Pebbles Flintstone
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Gerry Johnson Thelma
Don Messick Bamm-Bamm Rubble
Ape #2
Announcer #2
Hal Smith Father
Cop #2
Announcer #1
Mr. Fiendish
Janet Waldo Woman #2
Woman #1
Doug Young Guy
Cop #1
Ape #1
Sergeant McAsphalt


  • The officers are Brickley and Sgt. McAsphalt.
  • Rock Rummy is a spoof of the classic card game, Rummy.
  • Gerry Johnson, who would become the voice of Betty for the fifth season, provided several incidental roles in this episode, which was one of the last with Bea Benaderet as Betty in the episode, "Operation Switchover".


  • Rockzilla is a spoof of the famous and iconic Japanese movie monster, Godzilla.


  • None known.

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