For Dino's species, see Snorkasaurus.

Sheepasauruses (also called Terrible Snorkosauruses) are species of aquatic dinosaurs featured in the franchise of The Flintstones.


They are giant purple amphibious dinosaurs resembling brontosauruses and snorkasauruses but flipper-like front legs, dorsal fins, tailfins on the end of their tails, fin-like ears. They are very rare and feared by many cavemen (hence the title of "Terrible") due to their rash behavior, but they are in fact friendly and herbivorous creatures that enjoy eating rockberries, however their playful nature and large size make them quite destructive even if they are peaceful. Because of this they have little use in caveman society outside of being an attraction at a zoo (if the zoo can hold it).

Pebbles Flintstone once caught a Snorkosaurus in the hopes of selling it to Bedrock's Sea Rock World for a thousand dollars, however the Snorkosaurus (while friendly) proved to uncontrollable and Pebbles had to return her new friend to the wild.

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