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The Snorkasaurus (occasionally referred to as a Dogasaurus or simply a Dog) is a long-necked quadrupedal purple reptile, about the size of a large pig, and known to have coexisted during the Stone Age featured in the franchise of The Flintstones.



While they're generally viewed as game to be hunted (at least in "The Snorkasaurus Hunter") they may also be kept as pets, and display behavioral patterns commonly associated with domestic dogs such as yapping, licking and enthusiastically leaping on the owner, including Dino's owner, Fred Flintstone for example. However in "The Snorkasaurus Hunter" they were portrayed as being capable of speech, however this was the only time they were capable of doing so outside of a few mumbled words in Dino: Stay Out!. They are overall playful and obedient creatures that are essentially a caveman's best friend.

They have three digits on their paws and are capable of walking upright, although they typically prefer to move on all four legs. Despite its sauropod-like appearance, this species appears to be carnivorous, as they've been observed chewing bones and chasing down mice and other enemies including Cavemouse from The Flintstone Comedy Show for example.


A more mammalian dogasaurus from "Itty Bitty Fred".

Prehistoric dogs from "The Hypnotist".

Snorkasauruses (mostly called Dogasauruses) came in a large variety of breeds that came in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes, however the most common was Dino's breed, which were practically the standard of the species and were all mostly purple or pink in color with black spots and varying degrees of hair on their heads, and a secondary breed (usually referred to simply as dogasauruses too) resembling modern dogs with either dinosaur-like ridges or tails.

Waldo, a large snorkasaurus from "The Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock".

Buzzsaw, Barney's watchdogasaurus from "The Golf Champion".

The more mammalian dogasauruses resembled most modern breeds of dogs, but with some reptilian features, such as spiky ridges along their back, dinosaur-like tails, sharp saber-tooth fangs and dinosaur-like skin. Although these features may vary, as some breeds will be completely mammalian or completely reptilian.

There were also dogasaurus-like animals found in other species seemingly unrelated to snorkasauruses, such as rocktopups, dronkosauruses, shmoos and even brontosauruses, hipposauruses and mammoths were known to act like canines.

Blood Houndasaurus

Blood Houndasauruses from "Son of Rockzilla".

A breed of orange-colored snorkasaurus with spiky ridges on their backs and most notably very large noses that make them excellent trackers that can sniff out anything, as such they are employed by the Bedrock Police Department to track down criminals.

Two Blood Houndasauruses appeared in "Son of Rockzilla", where the Bedrock Police used them to track down a supposed monster that was frightening citizens, but was in fact just Fred in a Rockzilla costume.


Spike, a bulldogasaurus from "Yard Wars".

A big and tough breed of snorkasaurus that has the a round muscular body but either a big reptilian head or the head of a mammalian dog with a horn, and even an ankylosaurus-like tail.

The most notable member of this breed was Spike, a bulldogasaurus that tormented Dino and acted as his bully in The Flintstone Kids.


The only breed of dogasaurus to look exactly like its modern counterpart. One only ever appeared in "The Hypnotist" but the Shmoo was briefly referred to as one after it got covered in soot in "Off the Beaten Track".


Boulder, a houndasaur from "Fred Goes to the Houndasaurs".

Rocky, a smaller and less vicious houndasaur from "Fred Goes to the Houndasaurs".

A shorter but more muscular and stronger breed of snorkasaurus with a powerful bite and unstoppable locomotion that resembles a stegosaurus. They come in three varieties, with the first and more common being smaller, chubbier and pink in color with a small horn on their nose and red ridges on their back.

Captain Caveman's houndasaur from "Clownfoot".

Icky, a Rocksylvanian Houndasaur.

The second being larger and more vicious-looking with a large curved horn on its head, with one such variant being owned by the Slate Rock and Gravel Company as a watch-houndasaur. The third is the smallest but most vicious, a breed from Rocksylvania with incredibly sharp teeth that has a curved horn and green skin, with one such variant being Icky.

Fred and Wilma briefly owned a whole pack of houndasaurs in "Fred Goes to the Houndasaurs", however they never appeared again after that episode, presumably given away. Captain Caveman also owned a second breed houndasaur as part of his arsenal of dino-gadgets as seen in "Clownfoot".


A poodlesaurus from "Dino Disappears".

A small breed of snorakasaurus slightly covered in wool-like curly fur that was considered a valuable pedigree breed by the rich and famous. Dino once had a run-in with a temperamental poodlesaurus in "Dino Disappears" and Dreamchip Gemstone owned one such poodle which she named Fluffy.


A sheepdogasaurus.

A mammalian breed of dogasaurus that looks more like a modern dog but with shaggier-looking fur, droopy ears and sharper teeth, although some may have more reptilian features.

They first appeared in the "The Hypnotist" and much later on in "Captain Caveman's Super Cold", but the most notable member of the breed was Stalagbite.


A wolfasaurus in the comic story, "Figures Don't Lie" from the fifty-third issue of the The Flintstones by Gold Key Comics.

Lupo, a werewolfasaurus.

A dangerous wild breed that lived in forests and resembled furry grey snorkasauruses with long ears. They enjoyed hunting all manner of things, especially little cave kids, but luckily heroic individuals like the Rocky Ranger were there to stop them.

There were even individuals such as Stonewall Nicely that were vicious half-man and half-wolfasaurus monsters called werewolfasauruses that transformed on full moon nights. However some werewolfasauruses were wolves all the time and could even be kept as pets if somehow tamed, as seen with Count Rockula's pet werewolfasaurus, Lupo.

Woolly Snorkasaurus

Feldspar's wooly dogasaurus from "The Furry Fury".

A breed of snorkasaurus covered from head to toe in long shaggy fur similar to a woolly mammoth. They are considered a pedigree breed.

One woolly snorkasaurus was owned by a snobbish acquaintance of Fred's named Feldspar in the story "The Furry Fury" who planned to win the local dog show with it, but his dog ended up unexpectedly losing to none other than Fred after he fail into some hair growth tonic which he was planning to use on Dino and was then entered as a dog in the contest by Dino himself.



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  • In Dino's second appearance in "The Snorkasaurus Hunter", he was re-imagined as very intelligent and articulated. In later episodes he would go back to behaving like he did in his first appearance in "No Help Wanted", no longer speaking and started acting much more like a typical dog again, although still displaying occasional signs of sapience (which is common in cartoon dogs anyway).
  • This species was bipedal which bears a striking, if possibly coincidental resemblance to the real world Plateosauridae.
  • In the non-canon series The Flintstone Kids, Dino was portrayed as a brontosaurus and was implied to be capable of growing to gigantic proportions, with his mother being the size of a mountain.
  • Despite being referred to as Dogs at times, regular prehistoric dogs with no reptilian traits were shown to exist in the first season and in The Flintstone Kids.