For the similar species, see Snorkosaurus.

The Snorkasaurus (occasionally referred to as a Dogasaurus or simply a Dog) is a long-necked quadrupedal purple reptile, about the size of a large pig, and known to have coexisted during the Stone Age featured in the franchise of The Flintstones.



While they're generally viewed as game to be hunted (at least in "The Snorkasaurus Hunter") they may also be kept as pets, and display behavioral patterns commonly associated with domestic dogs such as yapping, licking and enthusiastically leaping on the owner, including Dino's owner, Fred Flintstone for example.

They have three digits on their paws and are capable of walking upright, although they typically prefer to move on all four legs. Despite its sauropod-like appearance, this species appears to be carnivorous, as they've been observed chewing bones and chasing down mice and other enemies including Cavemouse from The Flintstone Comedy Show for example.


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  • In Dino's second appearance in "The Snorkasaurus Hunter", he was re-imagined as very intelligent and articulated. In later episodes he would go back to behaving like he did in his first appearance in "No Help Wanted", no longer speaking and started acting much more like a typical dog again, although still displaying occasional signs of sapience (which is common in cartoon dogs anyway).
  • This species was bipedal which bears a striking, if possibly coincidental resemblance to the real world Plateosauridae.
  • In the non-canon series The Flintstone Kids, Dino was portrayed as a brontosaurus and was implied to be capable of growing to gigantic proportions, with his mother being the size of a mountain.
  • Despite being referred to as Dogs at times, regular prehistoric dogs were shown to exist in the first season and in The Flintstone Kids.
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