Rockford “Rocky” Ratrock is a local bully, the leader of the Bedrotten Bunch and the main antagonist of The Flintstone Kids, a spin-off of the original series, The Flintstones.


He was the local bully in Bedrock and also at Bedrock Elementary School, who was always out to get Freddy Flintstone and his friends along with his three lackeys Tarpit Tommy, Janet Granite, and Flab Slab, and his pet dogasaurus, Stalagbite.

Physical Appearance

He is a short and muscular cave-boy with fair skin, thick black eyebrows, black eyebrows, brown hair with an orange and black-spotted hairband and a protruding tooth on his lip. He wears a mustard-tan loin cloth with a black string belt that is held together by a white bone and orange and black-spotted wristbands.



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