Rockimoto Hashimoto (known as either Mr. Rockimoto or Mr. Hashimoto) is a judo instructor and a one-time character of the episode, "The Prowler", featured in the first season of the original series, The Flintstones.


Physical Appearance

Rockimoto is a short caveman with fair skin, tan stubbles, squinty eyes with a black pair of sunglasses and black hair. He wears a white karate loin-cloth with a brown belt and black sandals.

Role in the episode

When a prowler is on the loose in Bedrock, the Flintstone's neighbor and Wilma's best friend, Betty decides to take judo lessons from a judo-sensei, Mr. Rockimoto Hashimoto. Wilma wants to join, but her hubby Fred refuses after an initial lesson as the courses cost too much money.


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