Rockette Rockland is Rock's wife, a news reporter and a one time character of the comic story, "Mrs. Flintstone's Cookies", featured in the twenty-second issue of The Flintstones, published by Archie Comics in June 1997.


Physical Appearance

She is a slender cavewoman with fair skin, red hair, black eyebrows, eyes with black pupils and eyelashes and dark red lips. She wears a yellow and black-spotted dress, white earrings, a green scarf and a green bracelet.

Role in the story

After Bedrock's wives furiously and angrily approached the Flintstones' house with picket signs in protest, Rockette appeared on a screen and got a scoop on how they sued Wilma over her cookies that made their husbands fatter and fatter like Fred and owed her a million clams.


  • "Mrs. Flintstone's Cookies" (only appeared)
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