Rock Rockland is Rockette's husband, a news reporter and a one time character of the comic story, "Mrs. Flintstone's Cookies", featured in the twenty-second issue of The Flintstones, published by Archie Comics in June 1997.


Physical Appearance

He is a slender and muscular caveman with fair skin, brown hair and a handsome face with black eyebrows and black beady eyes. He wears a blue loin cloth vest, a white business-type loin cloth and a black tie.

Role in the story

Meanwhile, when the Flintstones and the Rubbles came to the house to watch the news on TV, Rock appeared on a screen and reported that Wilma's cookies had become one of the largest in Bedrock history. After he tried the treat, he ate too many of them which it made him fatter just like Fred.


  • "Mrs. Flintstone's Cookies" (only appeared)


  • His wife, Rockette mentioned him as a "fat farm" because he ate too many cookies.
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