Pterodactyls are a species of flying dinosaurs which existed during the Stone Age featured in the franchise of The Flintstones. They were a very important part of caveman society, almost as important as brontosauruses and mammoths in terms of usefulness.


Ptrans Pterodactyl Airlines

A Ptrans Pterodactyl Airlines plane with pterodactyl engines from Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby.

Pterodactyls were winged dinosaurs with a prominent crest on their heads. Their size could range from gigantic to tiny. Some would either have scaly bodies or bodies covered in feathers, making them resemble birds. They also came in a wide range of colors.

Pterodactyl Airplane

A feathered Pterodactyl Airlines plane.

Their uses in the modern Stone Age were as many as those of the brontosauruses and the mammoths, with pterodactyls being essential for the function of many parts of caveman society. Pterodactyls' most important use were as airplanes or airplane engine to allow travel across the world, with smaller pterodactyls being used as propeller engines on wooden log planes to keep them in the air while pterodactyl airplanes were equipped with a hollowed log cabin or open roof trolley on their backs for passengers, and they were controlled by the pilot via reigns.

Market Pterodactyl

A farm-raised pterodactyl laying fresh eggs at the super market, featured in the episode, "Kleptomaniac Pebbles".

Pterodactyls were also used to keep certain devices or signs suspended in the air. Others were used help out around in homes as different kinds of appliances, with tinier pterodactyls being used as can openers, picture carvers or managers of smaller equipment like cameras. At one point, small fat pterodactyls were even used as a model of garbageasaurus disposal dubbed Pterodacta-Sposals, however such a model proved ineffective in the long run due to getting full so easily, which resulted in them getting replaced with Stego-Sposals, but even these weren't much better and both would eventually be replaced altogether by the more effective Pigasaurus disposals.

Pterodactyl Drumsticks

Ever-popular pterodactyl drumsticks, a major bargain when on sale at the super market.

Their most secondary common use though was as food, rivaling the Dodo Bird in terms of culinary uses, with pterodactyls often being raised as if they were chickenasauruses, and unlike Dodo Birds which were more commonly raised or hunted for their eggs, pterodactyls were more commonly used for their meat, specifically for their giant filling drumsticks or for delicious whole stuffed pterodactyl roasts. Although pterodactyl eggs were also harvested and laid fresh in markets.



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