Philo Quartz

Officer Philo Quartz

Philo Quartz is a character in The Flintstone Kids and its TV special. In The Flintstone Kids continuity, he is the son of Officer Quartz and one of Freddy Flintstone's friends, but in the main Flintstones continuity, he is a police officer in Bedrock who is a good friend of Fred and Barney.


Dreamchip, Philo and Rocky

Dreamchip Gemstone, Philo Quartz and Rocky Ratrock.

Philo was created for the 1986 animated series The Flintstone Kids where he was depicted as part of Fred's gang and served as the group's nerdy expert and inventor, often helping them by making gadgets for the gang or fixing broken items.

Despite The Flintstone Kids not being canon to the of the main Flintstones franchise produced by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Philo was added to the actual cast in A Flintstones Christmas Carol (the last mainline Flintstones TV special by both Hanna-Barbera) as an adult who resembled and acted much like his father from The Flintstone Kids, having no interest in technology and instead being a dedicated but friendly police officer who was a good friend of Fred's, though with a presumably different past than that of his Flintstone Kids counterpart.


In the The Flintstone Kids, Philo is depicted as an intelligent but at times absent minded young genius much like Moonrock Crater before him. Like most of Fred's gang, he is a friendly and helpful child who enjoys helping others with their problems, mostly with his inventions which can be either hit or miss.

In the main canon special A Flintstones Christmas Carol, Philo is much like his father, a dedicated and hard working police officer who is good friends with Fred and Barney. Despite being a police officer, he was very lenient and was quick to forgive Fred's antics.

Physical Appearance

In The Flintstone Kids, he is a young black boy who wears glasses and is one of very few characters in the franchise to ever wear shoes aside from the male members of The Frankenstones Family.

In A Flintstones Christmas Carol, he looks just like his father did, wearing the exact same police uniform and he did not wear shoes.


  • He is voiced by Bumper Robinson, who was the only child actor to appear in both seasons, starting from when he was 12 until he was 14, while Freddy's second "Flintstone Kids" voice actor, Scott Menville, filled in on the second season when he was 16, and Elizabeth Frasier was the second for Wilma at the age of 11, but like Menville, she only voiced her character in season 2.
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