"Peek-a-Boo Camera" is the fourteenth episode of the fourth season and the one hundred and second overall episode of The Flintstones. It aired on December 19, 1963.


Fred and Barney lie to their wives so that they can attend a bachelor party unaware that their antics are being secretly filmed for a comedy show.


Another "little, white lie and deception" causes no end of trouble for Fred and Barney. The original, after-supper plan on Fred and Wilma's wedding anniversary is for Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty to excite themselves in the Bedrock theaters and night clubs.

However, the Water Buffalo Lodge's Grand Poobah, Sam Slagheap orders a special Water Buffalo meeting on that precise evening, to celebrate the impending marriage of brother Buffalo Shelly Shale with the standard bachelor party. Fred and Barney mention with deliberate obliqueness that Shelly has "reached the end of the line" and that his Water Buffalo brethren will be "paying their last respects", and Wilma and Betty, of course assuming that Shelly is dying in a hospital, graciously permit their husbands to cancel the Flintstone and Rubble couples' intended evening of fun so that Fred and Barney can attend to their "expiring" friend.

At the bachelor party, located at the Copacaboulder Club, Fred and Barney's shenanigans are most outrageous, with Fred pretending to be a matador and Barney, in his horned Water Buffalo hat, playing bull, and Fred and Barney both donning wigs to dance alongside a string of can-can girls. All of this is captured on film by Rocky Genial of television's Peek-A-Boo Camera, the popular show that, "...catches people unaware," every week in a new hiding place (this time in a Copacaboulder floral arrangement).

Fred and Barney are overwhelmed with Genial's revelation that they will be seen on national television in the next Peek-A-Boo Camera episode and eagerly sign the "paper" granting to Genial permission to use his footage of them, minutes later comprehending the disaster that they have willfully wrought, for Peek-A-Boo Camera is Wilma and Betty's favorite television attraction, and they are sure to be watching the next episode wherein Fred and Barney's deception will be exposed!

So, Fred and Barney engineer convenient accidents to both the Flintstone and Rubble televisions, and Fred wields a lasso to "round up" antennae from atop every Bedrock home- in order to prevent any of Wilma and Betty's friends from viewing the dreaded Peek-A-Boo Camera episode. But a police officer discovers Fred's "cowboy" antennae-gathering tactic and demands that Fred, with Barney's aid, restore all of the antennae to their owners' roofs, but the laborious procedure is slow enough for the forbidden revels on Peek-A-Boo Camera to be unseen in most of Bedrock, and Fred and Barney breathe easy.

Until the following Peek-A-Boo Camera broadcast, on which, while Flintstones and Rubbles are watching, Genial announces that national audience response to the prior episode was so enthusiastic that the episode will now be repeated! Wilma and Betty behold their husbands' bachelor party antics, and Fred and Barney run for their life into a tree's pterodactyl nest.




  • Flintstone home
  • Water Buffalo Lodge
  • Dr. Stonebone's Animal Clinic (only appearance)
  • Copacaboulder Club (only appearance)
  • Bedrock Plaza Hotel (only appearance)
  • Stove Oven Steak Cafe (only mentioned)
  • Contingency Bedrock TV Service (only mentioned)


  • TV's
  • TV antennas (only appearance)
  • Potato chips (only appearance)
  • Grape juice
  • Club sandwiches (only appearance)




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Mrs. Slagheap
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Rose Sweetslab
Hal Smith Rocky Genial
Water Buffalo #2
Water Buffalo #4
Shelly Shale
Baseball Fan
Bird #2
Howard Morris TV Announcer/Monkey
3rd Buffalo
Bird #1
Doug Young Sam Slagheap
Allan Melvin Quartz
Water Buffalo #1


  • The episode title is a spoof of the then-popular show, Candid Camera.
  • This is the third episode about the Flintstones' anniversary.
  • Two other characters in this episode are Rose Sweetslab and Shelly Shale.
  • It was later adapted into a Buzz Book, "Caught in the Act", that was based on the episode.


  • None known.

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