Pebbles Wilma Flintstone-Rubble is the daughter of Fred Flintstone and Wilma Flintstone, granddaughter to Pearl Slaghoople, goddaughter/daughter-in-law to Barney Rubble and Betty Rubble, wife to Bamm-Bamm Rubble and mother to Chip and Roxy Rubble. Anyone else find it fucking terrifying that this is the most visited article? Like some guy at 1:02am is trying to bust a nut so he visits the Flintstones wikia and decides to pound it to a cartoon baby...


Pebbles' birth was big news to the series. Pebbles was born on February 22, 10,000 B.C. THAT'S RIGHT B.C. BEFORE CHRIST BLESSED BE HIS NAME and weighed 68 pounds at birth. She was born at the Rockapedic Hospital. When Bamm-Bamm was adopted by the Rubbles, the two quickly became life long best friends and eventually married. As a teenager Pebbles was noted for getting her gang of friends into constant trouble, she had a catchphrase similar to her father's "Yare Yare Doosie." probably since almost everything she did was a doosie. As an adult, Pebbles fucked Bamm-Bamm in an advertising company. Eventually she gives birth to twins, Chip and Roxy. Her vagina was forever changed after the births of her two children. Like if you put a hairdryer near that thing you could hear it whistle like an empty bottle.


Pebbles as a baby was voiced by Jean Vander Pyl who also voiced her mother, Wilma.

Pebbles has been voiced over the years by Sally Struthers, Mickey Stevens, Russi Taylor, Megan Mullally, Tress MacNeille, Kath Soucie, Pamela Anderson, Aria Curzon, and Grey DeLisle.

Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm appeared in a cameo as background characters in the 2010 series Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, in the episode "Revenge of the Man Crab". They were portrayed in their teenage design.


  • Pebbles is most famous in her toddler form.
  • Pebbles' daughter, Roxy, has Bamm-Bamm's strength and her son Chip has his grandfather Fred Flintstone's big mouth.
  • Despite appearing before Bamm-Bamm did, she still crawls while he can walk. This could mean that Bamm-Bamm is older than Pebbles or it's due to his strength.
  • Pebbles is fickle as a baby. Even though she loves her father, she'll easily replace him with someone she likes. Ex. Wilma's old cowboy friend comes for a visit, Pebbles prefers him and calls him Dada.
  • Pebbles' pet name for Bamm-Bamm as an adult is "Bammer".
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