"Open up Your Heart (and Let the Sunshine in)" is a popular song. It was written by Stuart Hamblen. The song was published in 1954.

The biggest hit version in the US was a recording by Stuart Hamblen's Cowboy Church Sunday School (peaking at #8 on the Billboard charts); in the UK, by Joan Regan and her son Rusty. Another US recording was made by the McGuire Sisters.

When the Cowboy Church Sunday School version is played at normal speed, 45 rpm, the vocal sounds unnaturally high. When played at 33⅓ rpm the vocal sounds more natural. In fact the song was recorded at that speed by Stuart Hamblen's wife and adult daughters, so that when played at 45rpm it sounds as if it is being sung by small children.

The version sung by The Cowboy Church Sunday School was featured twice in the John Waters film "A Dirty Shame." The song was first used as an angelic juxtaposition to the intolerant concept of "Not In My Back Yard." It was later used satirically in a scene depicting the religious aspects of 12-step programs.


  • Frente! recorded a cover of the song for inclusion on the 1995 tribute album Saturday Morning: Cartoons’ Greatest Hits, produced by Ralph Sall for MCA Records.
  • Anne Murray included the song (in a medley with "You Are My Sunshine") on her 2001 album "There's A Hippo In My Tub."


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