News-slabs (commonly called as Newspapers) are common types of slabs that existed during the Stone Age in the franchise of The Flintstones.


Since Bedrock is from the Stone Age, the news-slab is technically not made from paper, but made from a stone slab and it's seemingly chiseled out of granite.


According to the franchise of The Flintstones, several names for news-slabs were commonly or rarely used on them, including the Bedrock Bugle, Bedrock Chronicle, Bedrock Daily Slate, Bedrock Gazette, Bedrock News, Bedrock Press, Daily Granite, Daily Slab (which usually ended up clobbering Fred after being "delivered" by Arnold the Newsboy) and Daily Slate. Earlier names were used including Sunday Times from "The Flintstone Flyer" and Rockville Times from "The Soft Touchables" for example.



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