Michael Jackstone is a celebrity, a singer and a one-time character of the special, The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" Special.


Physical Appearance

Michael Jackstone is a tall and slender caveman with fair skin, black wavy hair, stylized black eyebrows and black eyes.


He wears a red loin cloth with a collar, gold buttons and shoelace-like rope and a blue belt with white stones. Plus, he wears a golden glove with sprinkles on his left hand and carries a microphone on his other hand.

Role in the special

At the conclusion of the special, The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" Special, after Stoney was arrested by Officer Quartz for drug usage when he dropped marijuana out of his pocket during a race, Michael Jackstone appeared on the stage at a very special concert with a version of his iconic hit song "Beat It," with the lyrics specially rewritten to convey an anti-drug theme along with the kids including Freddy, Wilma, Betty, Barney, Dottie, Clyde and Joey, and parents Ed and Edna Flintstone and Pearl and Ricky Slaghoople, plus the family pet, Dino.


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