Mary Hartstone is a news reporter of Entertainment Tonight B.C., a Hollyrock celebrity and a one-time character of the television film and special, Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby.


Physical Appearance

Mary Hartstone is a slender cavewoman with fair skin and a very beautiful face including golden blonde hair, thin-thick black eyebrows and blue eyes.


As a news reporter, she wears a mahogany brown turtleneck loin-cloth dress with a burnt-orange and black spotted short-sleeved shirt that is held by a white bone as a button and red circular earrings.

At the premiere party at the Cinerocka Dome Theater, she wears a blue short-sleeved loin-cloth dress stitched together by a white bone as a button with a purple and white spotted border belt.

Role in Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby

When Fred Flintstone watched TV, changing channels with his remote along with Barney Rubble, John Teshadactyl and Mary Hartstone from Hollyrock were shown on the talk show, Entertainment Tonight B.C. (known as E.T. B.C.) After a latest scoop on Jack Nicholstone's hairpiece, they reported a scoop where star, Shelly Millstone (Racquel Welsh), that she played femme fatale Roxanne the film, One Boulder to Fall gave the show an exclusive interview.

That night at the World Premiere in the Cinerocka Dome Theater, John and Mary appeared and reported a scoop where Mammoth Pictures was proudly premiering their latest blockbuster hit, It Came from the Tar Pits along with stars, Craig Craigmore, Christie Brickley, Billy Joelstone and also Fred and Barney in disguise walking the red carpet before going inside.

At the end of the film, after Chip and Roxy were born along with Fred, Barney, Betty, Wilma, Pearl, Pebbles, and Bamm-Bamm with his script, John and Mary appeared at the Hollyrock General Hospital with a very last exclusive and proved to other people that Hollyrock happy endings don't just happen in the movies.




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