"Ladies Day" is the eleventh episode of the third season and the seventy-first overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It aired on November 23, 1962.


Fred dresses up as a woman just to see a baseball game on "ladies' day" with Barney due to their mutual lack of money.


Another elaborate ploy by Fred to attend a mid-afternoon workday baseball game at the Bedrock Ballpark. This time, he hopes to gain free admission to the game by posing as Barney's "date" on Ladies' Day, on which the female companions of male ticket-buyers to the game are not required to pay for their own access to the Bedrock Ballpark. Fred does not tell Wilma about this intrigue because he must dishonestly free himself in the afternoon from his job- something of which Wilma would not approve.

At noon hour, Fred's lunch pail is crushed by his rock-lifting dinosaur, requiring that Fred eat lunch at home. While there, he is requested by Wilma to deliver a box of Wilma's forsaken clothing to a rummage sale, and with Barney- who has honestly excused himself from work to go to the baseball game, Fred schemes to use Wilma's "old duds" to disguise himself as a woman! With the box of Wilma's refuse wardrobe, he returns to the rock quarry on the pretence of resuming his duties there and covertly dons the feminine garments for his masquerade as an uncomely girlfriend to Barney.

To this purpose, Fred, "in drag", sneaks away from the rock quarry minutes after the afternoon work whistle is blown. However, Wilma earlier kissed Fred on the cheek and left a lipstick stain thereon, Fred then using Barney's handkerchief to wipe away the lipstick. Barney brought the handkerchief to Betty to add to her daily laundry and did not mention the true source of the lipstick, but, in anticipation of the baseball game, he was laughing profusely. Betty did not notice the red on the handkerchief until after Barney departed the Rubble abode to meet Fred on a street outside of the Hotel Rockstone to go to the baseball game.

When Betty does see the lipstick on the handkerchief, she believes with fury that Barney has a mistress and teams with Wilma to find her cheating husband. Meanwhile, Barney does not know in advance exactly what woman's attire that Fred will be wearing and mistakenly approaches a bona fide, corpulent, rather touchy female, who assumes that Barney is a brazen "masher" and rushes to report the supposed "pick-up" attempt by Barney to a patrolling policeman. Barney, eventually correctly connecting with Fred and rushing to the baseball game, has become a hunted womaniser of questionable taste for tall, fat, loudmouthed ladies in rummage sale clothes.

In a taxicab, Betty and Wilma pursue Barney (driving his own car) and his unlovely conquest to the Bedrock Ballpark, and a squadron of policemen is assembled to apprehend the "debauched" Rubble. The ticket-man at the ballpark gate reports Barney and "dame" Fred's entry to the Bedrock Ballpark, enabling the police to ascertain Barney's presence there, and the ballpark is surrounded by the minions of the law. Fleeing their wives and the police, Fred and Barney encounter Mr. Slate and Slate's client, a mustachioed, Spanish Casanova named Rocko, at the ballpark's hot dog vendor-stand, and Fred, determined not to be discovered at the baseball game by his boss, maintains his pretencion of being female, attracting the amorous attention of Rocko.

From a distance, Wilma and Betty see Fred and Barney at the hot dog vendor-stand and deduce what is really afoot. Slate parts from Rocko, Rubble, and "Fredericka" in order to telephone his office, and, to teach a lesson to Fred, Wilma acts as though she does not recognise her husband in his woman guise and returns the affections of Rocko to stir Fred to jealousy. Fred reveals himself to Wilma and apologizes for his job-shirking. Flintstones and Rubbles escape the police barricade of the ballpark, with Barney posing in Wilma's discarded dress as an old lady and two constables accidentally hitting each other with their baton-clubs after Barney's facade is exposed by a dress-removing revolving gate.





  • Baseball ticket (only appearance)
  • Barney's handkercheif (only appearance)




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Fat Woman
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Senor Rocko
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Woman #2
John Stephenson Mr. Slate
Ticket Taker
Man #1
Fan #2
Don Messick Skinny
Fan #1


  • Barney introduces himself to Mr. Slate, which completely contradicts what happened in "Fred's New Boss".
  • The couples talk about the washroom and powder room, which was something of a no-no in 1962.
  • The title refers to a former publicity gimmick at ball parks where a husband could bring his wife or boyfriend could bring his girl and she would receive free admission.


  • None known.

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