Joey is a former member of Stoney's gang, a current member of Wilma's "Just Say No!" club and a one-time character of the special, The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" Special, a spin-off of The Flintstone Kids.


Physical Appearance

Joey is a short and muscular cave-boy with fair skin, black eyebrows, black eyes, brown spiky hair and freckles on his cheeks. He wears a dark olive-green and black striped loin cloth with a red center belt.

Role in the special

After losing the Riddle Race, Joey along with Dottie and Clyde left Stoney and joined Wilma's "Just Say No!" club, in which Stoney was discovered to have the drugs by Officer Bob Quartz and taken to the police station. Later during a concert with Michael Jackstone, it was shown that Joey, Freddy, Barney, Betty and Philo and the others also attended, suggesting that they got their own tickets.


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