Janet Granite is one of Rocky Ratrock's lackeys of the Bedrotten Bunch and one of the main antagonists of The Flintstone Kids, a spin-off of the original series, The Flintstones.


Janet was one of Rocky Ratrock's three lackeys in Bedrock and also at Bedrock Elementary School, who was always out to get Freddy Flintstone and his friends.

Physical Appearance

Janet is a short and slender cavegirl with fair skin, thick black eyebrows, black beady eyes and black hair in pigtails with bones as hairbands. She wears a dark navy-blue and light-blue spotted loin cloth/tube dress with white straps and a gray decorative stone sewn and gray sandals.



  • Janet and her friends seem very out of character in the episode, "Dino Come Home", as they want to help Freddy find Dino. However, they don't have personal lines written for them, so this may be a lack of attention by the animators. She is also missing from the bus ride in the same episode.
  • Janet shares her full name with a character listed in the original series episode "Fred Strikes Out" who is a movie actress. It is unknown if she was named after this character or if its a simple coincidence.
    • Fittingly enough, in this same episode Fred and Wilma recall their childhood together, much like in The Flintstone Kids.
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