J. Monique Gypsum, often called "Monty" by Wilma Flintstone, was a one-time appearance character in the episode "This is Your Lifesaver".Voiced by veteran character actor Walker Edmiston (best known from Sid and Marty Krofft 1970s) shows, he sounds like Snidely Whiplash [Jay Ward's then-premiering "Dudley Do Right"] and Captain Hook [as seen in Walt Disney's 1953 "Peter Pan"], both voiced by Hans Conried.


According to himself, J. Monique Gypsum was a doctor, lawyer, and captain of the Olympic cooking team.

Gypsum pretended to commit suicide by tying a 50 pound boulder to his neck while perched on a bridge. His intentions were, presumably, to trick someone into feeling sorry for him and providing him with a place to live, as Gypsum supposedly had "nothing left", presumably meaning that he is homeless. Sure enough, Gypsum's plans began to work when Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble drove by him on the bridge. Gypsum asked Fred and Barney if they could witness his will for him before he jumped off the bridge. Gypsum read his will and prepared to jump off the bridge after saying his farewells to Fred and Barney, incorrectly calling them both "Ferdy", which caused them both to correct him. Gypsum then claimed that he saw through Fred and Barney's "scheme", which he assumed to be talking him into coming home with them and Gypsum eventually talked Fred into doing so.

Gypsum slowly began to annoy Fred while he was living with him and Wilma. During a badminton game, Gypsum convinced Wilma and Betty Rubble that Fred and Barney wouldn't take them out on the town, leading Wilma and Betty to go out by themselves. This annoyed Fred even more so when he came home to find Wilma not there. This also led Fred to ask Gypsum when he was planning on leaving, but Gypsum explained that his life was Fred's responsibility because Gypsum was perfectly willing to jump off the bridge and Fred stopped him.


  • It is unknown what the "J" in his name stands for.
  • Like all Flintstones characters, Gypsum is named after a mineral.His name means "Gyps sum"..after all, he IS a con man.
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