"High School Fred" is the thirteenth episode of the third season and the seventy-third overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It first aired on December 7, 1962.


Fred's embarrassed that he lacks a high-school diploma and has returned to classes with teenagers in order to keep his job.


Mr. Slate's efficiency expert, Mr. Rockhard, has an expenses-cutting plan for Slate's company requiring that any worker lacking a high school diploma must accordingly upgrade his education or be terminated as a Slate employee. Because Fred is best player on the Slate Construction bowling team, Slate offers to pay Fred's salary while Fred attends two weeks of high school and will retain Fred as rock quarry laborer. Fred is so ashamed of this situation that he does not correct Wilma when Wilma misunderstands Fred's statement about needing to go to school to improve his job qualifications and believes that Fred has enrolled in "executive school" for promotion to a position of authority.

Fred maintains the "executive school" facade to Wilma and the Rubbles while each day he sits at a desk in the classroom of Miss Stonewall and wows his teenage peers with his knowledge of the substrata beneath Bedrock, enjoys free periods with his youthful, new friends at a malt shop, where he indulges in marathon milk shake drinking and brontosaurus burger eating, and plays a variety of sports including pole vaulting and pass-the-baton racing.

Consequently, Fred arrives home completely exhausted on each evening and goes directly to bed, and Wilma is worried about the physically draining regimen of "executive school" and asks Barney to follow and observe Fred while Fred is occupied in his schoolwork. Bemused Barney watches as "overage teenager" Fred chug-a-lugs milk shakes and dances his potbelly to jukebox music to the cheers of his cherub chums.

When Barney reveals himself and surprises Fred at the malt shop, Fred confides his predicament to Barney, who agrees not to tell Wilma about it until after Fred receives his diploma. However, as fate would have it, Fred, with his "weight and power", is inducted into the high school football team, and Barney unwittingly brings Betty and Wilma to the football team's championship game, where the wives discover Fred on the football field as a key player. Barney explains Fred's deception to Wilma and Betty, and they join him in cheering Fred's game-winning performance. Fred's graduation speech: "High school is only for the young- because only the young can take it. Ooooh, my aching back."


  • Fred Flintstone
  • Wilma Flintstone
  • Barney Rubble
  • Betty Rubble
  • Dino
  • Mr. Slate
  • Mr. Rockhard (only appearance)
  • Ms. Birthstone (only appearance)
  • Rocky, Crystal and Sandy (only appearance)
  • James (only heard off-screen)
  • Principal (only appearance)
  • Ms. Stonewall (only appearance)
  • Sam Boulder (only mentioned)
  • Charles Cobblestone (only heard off-screen)




  • Rockball
  • High school diploma (only appearance)




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Ms. Stonewall
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Ms. Birthstone
John Stephenson Mr. Slate
Howard Morris Mr. Rockhard


  • The Rubbles appear to have a cat in this episode, but it's never seen or referenced again. When Betty is tickling Barney's feet, the cat mocks him.
  • Fred works for the Slate Gravel Co and Mr. Slate's secretary is Ms. Birthstone.
  • The local radio station is KROK.
  • Fred's teacher is Miss Stonewall and his classmates are Sandy, Rocky, Crystal which they were seen during this episode, and James which he was only heard off-screen.


  • The music played by Hoyt Curtin when Fred and the teens dance at the Malt Shop is actually music from The Jetsons.


  • In a previous episode, "Flintstone of Prinstone", Fred was taking accounting classes at "Prinstone" University. Now he is told in this episode that in order to keep his job, he has to have a high school diploma.

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