The Flintstones

"Here's Snow in Your Eyes" is the sixth episode of the third season and the sixty-sixth overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It aired on October 19, 1962.


During a lodge convention at a ski resort, jewel thieves mistake Barney for their chief conspirator.


"Housewife's rut" has Wilma in a testy mood when Betty reads in the daily "newspaper" Wilma's Capricorn horoscope predicting a "dramatic adventure" for her and her partner and replies that she and Fred are partners to be sure, Fred having 50% of the fun, she doing 50% of the work. The horoscope is partly validated when Fred and Barney are appointed as Water Buffalo Lodge representatives on an all-expenses-paid state convention weekend at Stone Mountain Ski Resort, a fabulous locale patronized by glamorous beauties and celebrities. The drawback is that the Water Buffalo Lodge's treasury is without sufficient money for wives to accompany the male delegates on this occasion.

Fred, however, promises to Wilma that, household finances permitting in the future, he will go again to Stone Mountain, and in that event, Wilma will certainly be with him there on the ski hills. Barney pledges same to Betty, and the Flintstone and Rubble wives resign themselves to their weekend at home while their cavemen are at Stone Mountain, a "happening place" in more ways than one; the culprits in the robbery of Mrs. Van Rockland's Rock, a large gem, are in the vicinity of the mountain hotel.

The criminals are Mrs. Van Rockland's maid and butler, who plan to transfer the jewel to fence Chip Marble, a blond, little man who, the maid and butler are informed, will be posing at Stone Mountain as a delegate to a convention. He can be contacted through a password of slalom. Wilma and Betty meanwhile learn from television that Stone Mountain is also the place of a beauty contest. Unnerved that their husbands will be surrounded by a voluptuous bevy, they disguise themselves as respective blond and redhead and use their piggy-banked savings to venture to Stone Mountain to observe their spouses' activities.

Fred and Barney are endangered by a case of mistaken identity when the Van Rockland maid and butler think that Barney is Marble, and, while riding a ski-lift, Barney innocently exchanges the utterance of slalom with the villains (also on the ski-lift, situated above Fred and Barney and moving in an opposite direction) on the belief that it is a simple alpine greeting of hello, and the maid drops the jewel into Barney's hand.

Seconds later, the real Chip Marble enunciates slalom to the crooked Van Rockland servants, and the three nogoodniks decide to retrieve the gem from "impostor" Barney and eliminate Rubble. Barney overhears their evil plan and runs to Fred for help, bumping Flintstone off of the edge of a hill with only one ski on Fred's foot, and, with Barney on his back, Fred careens down the steep slope.

The nefarious trio, using Fred's other ski, chase Fred and Barney, who use the branch of a tree to prevent themselves from colliding with the face of a cliff, which is the fate of the three pursuers. Their ski end thrust inside the rock wall of the cliff, the maid, butler, and fence are easily caught by police, and Fred and Barney are heroes. Wilma and Betty, while all of this was unfolding, were inducted into the beauty contest, stood in bathing suits in the chilly air, and contracted a cold.

They hurry to return home in advance of Fred and Barney and do not reveal that they were present at Stone Mountain, and Fred and Barney announce plans to use the reward money received by them for their part in quashing the Van Rockland Rock caper, to go again to Stone Mountain, for snowy fun, with their sneezing wives, who are decidedly unenthusiastic about this!





  • Stone Mountain Ski Resort (only appearance)






Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Reporter #3
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
John Stephenson TV Announcer
Sam the Butler
2nd Reporter #2
Doug Young Chip Marble
Reporter #1


  • Joe Rockhead's wife is named Sally and the butler is named Sam.
  • Wilma is a Capricorn.
  • The contest is called Miss Winter Carnival.
  • The title refers to the toast "Here's mud in your eye" made by soldiers trying to forget the mud and dirt found in the trenches during World War I.


  • None known.

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