"Hawaiian Escapade" is the tenth episode of the third season and the seventieth overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It aired on November 16, 1962.


In order to win a trip to visit her idol on the set of his show, Wilma submits a contest entry that depicts Fred as a superhero of sorts.


Wilma and Betty are so captivated by Larry Lava as television's Hawaiian Spy that they forget about a barbecuing brontosaurus steak, which has burned to an "old shoe" cinder once Fred and Barney arrive at cave Flintstone and extinguish the barbecue blaze. The wives are later also engrossed by mention on television of a contest offered by the Hawaiian Spy sponsor, the C. W. Crater Company and Rock Toasties, and a cactus berry pie a la mode burns in Wilma's oven while Wilma and Betty are entering their husbands in the contest, which involves the selection of the most athletic contestant for an all-expenses-paid sojourn for two in Hawaii and a guest appearance on Hawaiian Spy.

Wilma and Betty amalgamate their husbands into the fictitious person of Barney V. I. Flintstone, champion water skier, mountain-climber, alligator-wrestler, and "all-round athlete", who wins the contest. Accompanied by Wilma and by Betty and Barney, who use saved money to finance their Hawaiian jaunt, Fred goes to Hawaii as Barney V. I. Flintstone and is incensed when informed by the Hawaiian Spy director that his role is only that of a vacationing hick who says, "Pass the poi."

When Fred insists upon a more important part on the television show, the director, producer, and sponsor decide, on the belief that Fred is the athlete described by Wilma and Betty in their contest-entry letter, to use Fred as stuntman for Larry Lava on a perilous, tree-colliding surfboard and in a contretemps with a large dinosaur. As usual, Fred is not sufficiently endowed to be an actor's "double", and Wilma, disgusted by Larry Lava and the television programme's crew for placing her husband in danger, punches the dinosaur chasing Fred and announces that Flintstones and Rubbles are going home.

C.W. Crater is impressed by Wilma's angry strength in her dinosaur-combating heroism and telephones her once she is back in Bedrock and unsuccessfully invites her to appear extensively on Hawaiian Spy, distracting her long enough for another steak to be consumed in a barbecue inferno.





  • Hawaiirock (only appearance)
  • Rockiki Beach (only appearance)
  • Trans-Pterodactyl Airlines (only appearance)


  • Cactus Berries (only appearance)
  • Cactus Berry Pie a la Mode (only appearance)
  • Rock Toasties Cereal (only mentioned)
  • Telegram (only appearance)



  • Flintmobile
  • Hawaiian Clipper airplane (only appearance)


Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
John Stephenson Larry Lava
C.W. Crater
Don Messick Stoneheart
TV Announcer


  • Rock Toasties cereal is a take-off of Post Toasties.
  • Hawaiian Spy is a take-off and spoof of the 1959 TV show, Hawaiian Eye.
  • Rockiki Beach is a spoof of Wakiki Beach.


  • The DVD has an odd mistake in it. At the end, when the producers are watching the footage of Wilma hitting the dinosaur, her comment of "Beat it, buster!" is supposed to have an echo. The echo sound is missing on the DVD.

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