"Glue for Two" is the seventh episode of the fourth season and the ninety-fifth overall episode of the original series, of The Flintstones. It aired on October 31, 1963.


Fred experiments with the formula of a new soft drink that he hopes will make him rich, however the new formula causes him to stick to everything - including Barney.


For his concoction, the 778-up, Fred has unknowingly added Rockbaum's Steel Grip Glue to the mix. Add to it Barney's bowling ball, accidentally flying from Barney's hand during Rubble's practice bowling moves outside of "mad scientist" Fred's chemical workshop, and a decidedly irate Fred after the unauthorized sport sphere's intrusion into his work causes calamity, namely a spill of his sticky soda, and the combination is an unfortunate male bonding between Fred and Barney after residues of the powerful glue on the bowling ball attach it to Fred's hand while Fred is furiously retrieving the ball to place it on Barney's hand, to which the ball also fastens.

Like Siamese twins, Fred and Barney must dine and sleep together, sharing the Flintstones' house while Wilma and Betty are necessarily obliged to share the domicile of the Rubbles, and as one expects by this time, Barney's inconsiderate actions and offbeat habits infuriate Fred. Barney crushes a walnut shell with the bowling ball while Fred's hand is between ball and walnut. He exercises excessively at bedtime and then requires a lullaby from Fred before he slumbers loudly and then sleepwalks, dragging a sleep-deprived Fred behind him to the Rubble icebox from which Barney, now bogusly somnambulant, builds a hero sandwich.

Betty and Wilma forbid a tempted Fred from punching his overindulgent cohort in cohesion. The tenacious tie between the increasingly estranged buddies defeats the mechanical know-how of service station attendant Mr. Quartz, whose attempt to pull Fred and Barney free of the glue-gummed bowling ball by the use of two mastodons connected to the hapless Flintstone and Rubble and prodded to move in opposite directions, only flattens the hapless pair of cavemen when the adhesive pulls the mastodons back toward one another at high speed!

Eventually, Fred decides that the only way to separate him and Barney from the bowling ball is to use a hammer and chisel to eliminate the ball. Barney protests, not wanting to lose his prized possession, but Fred bullies and overrules him. Obliteration of the bowling ball frees Flintstone and Rubble from each other, and Fred, undaunted, resumes his chemist work, thinking that the revolutionary, super-strength glue was his creation, only to discover that one of its ingredients is the Rockbaum manufacture.





  • Bowling ball
  • Rockbaum's Steel-Grip Glue (only appearance)
  • 778-up (only appearance)
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Walnut (only appearance)
  • Frying pan




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Pebbles Flintstone
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Bea Benaderet Betty Rubble
Allan Melvin Quartz


  • The title is a spoof of the 1925 song "Tea for Two" featured in the musical, No No Nanette.
  • The mammoth is called Melvin.
  • This is Fred's 778th experiment.
  • Yogi Bear was mentioned in this episode.
  • This episode is the first featuring Allan Melvin as an incidental voice.


  • None known.

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