Giggles Flintstone (known as J. Giggles Flintstone or Uncle Giggles) is a one-time character of the episode, "A Haunted House is Not a Home", featured in the fifth season of the original series, The Flintstones.


Giggles was a rich, zany, crazy, funny, silly, insane, nutty and eccentric practical joker who drove Fred into a mad rage with his practical jokes. His lawyer is Mr. Blackstone and he owns a pet giant pterodactyl named Horace; who enjoys reading tombstones at the local cemetery. Fred only saw him twice in his life and said he was the cuckoo of the family.

Physical Appearance

He is a short caveman with fair skin, tan stubbles, a bald head with two tufts of white hair, thick black eyebrows and black eyes. He wears a barrel, a teal tie with a diamond, white spats on his feet and white cuffs on his arms. In the picture, he also carries his cane and a tiny umbrella.

Role in the episode

Fred's uncle Giggles fakes his death and pretends that he has left his fortune to Fred. In order to get the fortune, he was required to stay overnight at his haunted house on Nightmare Hill. While there, it appears that Fred gets nearly killed by a trio of Giggle's servants, Creepers the butler, Potrock the cook, and Wormstone the gardener. The next morning, Giggles shows up and says the whole thing was a joke.


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