For the episode of The Flintstone Comedy Show, see "Fred Goes Ape".

"Fred Goes Ape" is the sixteenth episode of the sixth season and the one hundred and fifty-sixth overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It aired on January 14, 1966.


Fred has violent sneezing caused by an allergy. To stop the sneezing, he goes to the drug store for a bottle of "Scram." Each such pill stops a fit of sneezing, but has the side effect of turning Fred temporarily into an ape.


Fred's allergic sneezes are so powerful that they wreck his television. So, Fred decides to go to Goosepimple's Pharmacy to obtain SCRAM allergy relief pills. Dr. Goosepimple is experimenting with drugs to perfect a cure-all pill and uses himself as a test specimen. All that the pill does is to transmute Goosepimple for a short time period into an ape.

The transformed pharmacist is gone when Fred and Barney arrive at Goosepimple's store, and Fred mistakes Goosepimple's ape pills for the SCRAM allergy medication, because the bottles are the same. Hence, Fred unwittingly selects the ape-pill bottle for his anti-allergy drug and pledges to later reimburse Goosepimple.

Every time that Fred "pops a pill" to control his sneezing, he turns, totally unbeknown to himself, into a rambunctious ape. Barney is the only person who realises that Fred has been transmuted, though he does not suspect the pills as the cause. The first instance of Fred "going ape" occurs at a restaurant where Fred and Barney are partaking of a late-night Italian repast. While Barney telephones Wilma and Betty to report his and Fred's current location, Fred, at the dinner table, sneezes and opts to swallow his first "SCRAM".

After Barney returns to the table and beholds his changed friend, the "eek-eeking" Flintstone chases Rubble out of the restaurant and past a befuddled police officer. Wilma disbelieves Barney and is offended by Barney's report of Fred turning simian, and Betty orders Barney to apologise to Fred, who has returned to home in his proper form, but before Barney comes to Fred's door, Fred "medicates" himself again, and Barney finds that he is apologising to ape Fred.

During a visit with Pebbles to a zoo, Fred gulps three of the pills and becomes an ape for longer duration, and his simian self is sedated by the zoo keeper (who has found and protected Pebbles) and caged with a female ape named Annie. When Fred returns to normal, he is chased in the cage by Annie until the zoo keeper releases him. During an evening game of checkers, Barney sneezes and is offered by Fred the last of the pills- and frightens Fred with his ape transformation.





  • Scram pills (only appearance)
  • Tranquilizer gun (only appearance)


  • Pizza rocks (mentioned)
  • Minestony (mentioned)
  • Macaroni spumone (mentioned)




Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Pebbles Flintstone
Lady Customer
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Gerry Johnson Betty Rubble
Don Messick Bamm-Bamm Rubble
Dr. Goosepimple


  • At the beginning, Wilma and Betty are watching Snagglepuss on TV.
  • Note that in the final scene, the sky goes from night to day.
  • One of the older ladies on the park bench is Minerva, the pharmacist is Dr. Goosepimple, and the vulture is called Polly.


  • None known.

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