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|animator= Kenneth Muse<br>George Germanetti<br>Casey Onaitis<br>Barney Posner
|animator= Kenneth Muse<br>George Germanetti<br>Casey Onaitis<br>Barney Posner
|writer= Rick Mittleman
|writer= Rick Mittleman
|previous="[[Christmas Flintstone]]"
|previous="''[[Christmas Flintstone]]''"
|next="[[Fred's Second Car]]"
|next="''[[Fred's Second Car]]''"
}}"'''Fred's Flying Lesson'''" is the sixteenth episode of the [[The Flintstones episode list|fifth season]] of [[The Flintstones (TV series)|''The Flintstones'']]. It aired on January 1, [[1965]].
}}"'''Fred's Flying Lesson'''" is the sixteenth episode of the [[The Flintstones episode list|fifth season]] of [[The Flintstones (TV series)|''The Flintstones'']]. It aired on January 1, [[1965]].

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"Fred's Flying Lesson" is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of The Flintstones. It aired on January 1, 1965.


Fred wins a flying lesson at a lodge contest. He decides to take the lesson and his teacher is a younger woman.


Fred wins a free flying lesson from the Water Buffalo Lodge and decides to enroll in the complete five-lesson piloting course after meeting alluring instructor Kitty Rockhawk, who calls him "Wings". Wanting to surprise Wilma by attaining a flying licence and being apprehensive about his teacher's gender and attractiveness, Fred keeps his pursuit of a pilot licence and possible employment at Prehistoric Airlines a secret from his wife (by receiving all 5 lessons in one day while he is believed by Wilma and Betty to be at bowling practice with Barney).

On the day of his pilot's test which, if a success, will earn for Fred the desired licence to pilot Stone Age airplanes, Fred invites his family and the Rubbles to the site of the piloting test, the Bedrock Flying School at Idlerock Airport, for a picnic. On Fred's testing flight, for which he is supposed to be alone in the aeroplane, Barney stows away in the passenger seat and surprises Fred by his presence therein once the aeroplane is airborne. A dodo bird seats itself on the airplane's wings, causing the airplane's altitude to plummet.

When Barney throws a huge stone (from inside the aeroplane) at the troublesome fowl, the rock falls atop a military base on the airport grounds. Believing Fred's aeroplane to be an enemy attacker, the military base's commander, General Stonewall, opens fire (with rocks and a pterodactyl-missile) at Fred's beleaguered flier. Fred accidentally ejects himself from the aeroplane and parachutes to Earth, leaving Barney alone in besieged flight.

With Fred's guidance from the control tower, Barney lands the aeroplane, albeit at a 90 degree angle, and "Wings" is a hero. However, this harrowing experience has "grounded" Fred's enthusiasm for piloting. Kitty explains Fred's honorable intentions for the flying lessons to an edified Wilma.


Other Characters

  • Hilda Rockmouth (only appearance)
  • Kitty Rockhawk (only appearance)
  • General Stonewall (only appearance)
  • Charlie Cobblehead (only appearance)
  • Irving Pinecone (only appearance)
  • Mabel Marblehead (only mentioned)


  • Bedrock
    • Flintstone home
    • Water Buffalo Lodge
    • Idlerock Airport (only appearance)
    • Rock River Ferry (only appearance)


  • Helmet
  • Rocka Cola (in a billboard)


  • Fred's car
  • Pilot plane (only appearance)
  • Jet plane (only appearance)
  • Gilda's car (only appearance)


Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Pebbles Flintstone
Kitty Rockhawk
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Gerry Johnson Betty Rubble
Hilda Rockmouth
Dame #2
Dame #3
Don Messick Bamm-Bamm Rubble
Kettle Bird
Dodo Bird
Siren Bird
Hal Smith Bird #2
General Lucius Stonewall
Irving Pinecone
Doug Young Charlie Cobblehead
Control Tower
1st Bird
Sam Slagheap


  • According to Barney, Hilda Rockmouth is the biggest gossip in town.
  • Three of the men in the episode are Charlie Cobblehead, General Lucius Stonewall, and Irving Pinecone.


  • None known.

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