The Flintstone Home is a house and one of the main locations of the original series, The Flintstones and the rest of the franchise.


The Flintstone home is the home of the Flintstone family where Fred Flintstone lives along with his wife, Wilma, their daughter Pebbles and their family pet snorkasaurus, Dino and saber-toothed cat, Baby Puss. It is located in Bedrock with these addresses including 345 Cave Stone Road (in some episodes), 1313 Cobblestone Way or 222 Rocky Way.



It is a brilliant and appealing architectural organic circular suburban house topped with pancaked granite slab roofs, stone walls and windows that give even more of an all-natural look, including it's wooden doors, and a garage door where Fred parks his Flintmobile in the garage. It has a grassy front yard with a cobblestone walkway and a driveway and a grassy backyard with a pool.


The interior of the house is filled with Stone-Age-like features from floor to ceiling and even furniture and artwork. A pigasaurus as a garbage disposal, a woolly mammoth as a shower, a sprinkler and even a vacuum cleaner and other animal appliances and domestic items are commonly used by Fred and his wife, Wilma.

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