The Flintstone Comedy Show (not to be confused with the shortened, re-titled 1973 version of CBS's The Flintstone Comedy Hour) is a Saturday morning animated series revival and spin-off of The Flintstones produced by Hanna-Barbera which aired on NBC from November 22, 1980 to October 24, 1981. Outside North America, the show was released under title of Flintstone Frolics. The show contained six segments: The Flintstone Family Adventures, Bedrock Cops, Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm, Captain Caveman, Dino and Cavemouse and The Frankenstones.

The series featured new characters (The Frankenstones, Cavemouse) as well as older characters (Penny, Wiggy, Moonrock and Schleprock of 1971's The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show and 1972's The Flintstone Comedy Hour on CBS, Al Capp's the Shmoo from his show The New Shmoo which also aired on NBC in 1979, Captain Caveman from his own series on ABC in 1977 which lasted 3 seasons).

A series of gags, educational spots, games, how-to-draw and a dance-of-the-week were featured in-between the six segments every week. In 1982, reruns of the show were repackaged for two seasons under the title The Flintstone Funnies. Reruns of Dino and Cavemouse aired on the Disney Channel adaption of Wake, Rattle, and Roll.

Currently this show is on the Boomerang streaming service as Flintstone Frolics.

Flintstone Frolics

The Flintstone Family Adventures

This segment featured the traditional antics and adventures of The Flintstones and The Rubbles.

Season 1 (1980–81)

  1. R.V. Fever (November 22, 1980) - As the Flintstones and the Rubbles take a road trip, the RV trailer with Fred and Barney comes unhitched.
  2. Sands of the Saharastone (November 29, 1980) - The Flintstones and the Rubbles take a trip to Algeristone.
  3. Gold Fever (December 6, 1980) - Fred and Barney go on a trip to search for gold until some claim jumpers try to capture them.
  4. Bogged Down (December 13, 1980) - Barney, without knowing it, inherits an oil well and sells it to the Frankenstones.
  5. Be Patient, Fred (December 20, 1980) - Fred goes to the hospital to get his tonsils removed, but things go awry when Fred is mixed up with another patient who is scheduled to have surgery.
  6. Country Club Clods (December 27, 1980) - Fred and Barney want to join the country club but they just don't fit in with the crowd.
  7. The Rockdale Diet (January 3, 1981) - Fred decides to lose weight so he tries the new Rockdale Diet with less than satisfactory results.
  8. Dino's Girl (January 10, 1981) - Fred discovers that Dino is in love with Dina, the pet dinosaur of Fred's boss Mr. Slate.
  9. The Gourmet Dinner (January 17, 1981) - Fred believes he can impress his boss Mr. Slate with an invitation to dinner and hires a cook.
  10. The Stand-In (January 24, 1981) - Fred's strong resemblance to a movie star gets him hired as his stand-in for a movie being filmed in Bedrock.
  11. Go Take a Hike (January 31, 1981) - Fred and Barney make a turbulent trip to the mountains with Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm and The Frankenstones' kids.

Season 2 (1981–82)

  1. The Great Bedrock Air Race (September 12, 1981) - Fred and Barney learn to fly so they can participate in the Bedrock Air Race.
  2. Fred's Last Resort (September 19, 1981) - The Flintstones and the Rubbles spend a day at a health spa.
  3. The Not-Such-A-Pleasure Cruise (September 26, 1981) - Fred is looking forward to a peaceful cruise, but the trip turns out differently than he expected.
  4. Fred's Big Top Flop (October 3, 1981) - The Flintstones and the Rubbles appear in the circus.
  5. In a Stew (October 10, 1981) - Fred becomes a restaurant owner, but does not have much practice when dealing with the critics.
  6. Fred vs. the Energy Crisis (October 17, 1981) - Fred invents a hot tub called "The Flintstone Rockuzzi" in his plan to lick the energy crisis.
  7. Fred's Friend in Need (October 24, 1981) - A mysterious guest appears on the scene, and Fred goes overboard as usual.

Bedrock Cops

Fred and Barney are part-time police officers assisted by the Shmoo as a trainee where they work under the direction of Sgt. Boulder. The trio fought crime in the city of Bedrock, most of the time chasing after The Frankenstones' pet monster Rockjaw.

Season 1 (1980–81)

  1. Fred Goes Ape (November 22, 1980) - Fred and Barney are assigned to guard the zoo, but a gorillasaurus escapes.
  2. Off the Beaten Track (November 29, 1980) -
  3. A Bad Case of Rockjaw (December 6, 1980) - Fred and Barney must guard the city park, but the task is exhausting with Rockjaw causing mischief.
  4. Follow That Dogasaurus (December 13, 1980) - Fred and Barney must save Sgt. Boulder's dog from dognappers with the help of the Shmoo.
  5. Mountain Frustration (December 20, 1980) - Fred and Barney are asked by Sgt. Boulder to stop Rockjaw who is causing trouble on a local mountain.
  6. Bedlam on the Bedrock Express (December 27, 1980) - Fred and Barney are assigned to load a fortune in gold on the Bedrock Express but it is stolen by a thief.
  7. Hot Air to Spare (January 3, 1981) -
  8. Rockjaw Rides Again (January 10, 1981) - Fred and Barney discover oil while chasing Rockjaw.
  9. Pretty Kitty (January 17, 1981) -
  10. The Roller Robber (January 24, 1981) -
  11. Put Up Your Duke (January 31, 1981) -

Season 2 (1981–82)

  1. Undercover Shmoo (September 12, 1981) - Fred, Barney and Shmoo go undercover to capture a notorious gang of thieves and save a famous work of art.
  2. On the Ball (September 19, 1981) - Fred and Barney miss the police ball to catch a jewel thief – Rockjaw.
  3. Shop Treatment (September 26, 1981) - Fred and Barney chase Rockjaw through Bloomingrock's department store.
  4. Country Clubbed (October 3, 1981) - Fred and Barney pursue a thief who stole the prize money from a golf tournament.
  5. Barney and the Bandit (October 10, 1981) - Fred and Barney go western to deal with car thieves.
  6. Shore Thing (October 17, 1981) - Beach patrol pits Fred and Barney against a hungry Rockjaw who is terrorizing the beach.
  7. Rotten Actors (October 24, 1981) - Fred and Barney are assigned to guard a movie set which is a cover for a robbery.

Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm

This was a Flintstones-themed adaptation of the "mystery-solving teens and a pet" format popularized by Scooby-Doo and its various spin-offs in the 1970s (including Captain Caveman's original show on ABC). In this series, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm (similar, yet aged down a little, from their appearance in The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show) with pet dinosaur Dino solve mysteries in the city of Bedrock. They would sometimes be accompanied by pals Penny, Wiggy and Moonrock.

Season 1 (1980–81)

  1. The Ghost Sitters (November 22, 1980) - Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and Dino have to babysit little Bratrock in a house that is haunted by the ghost of Bronco Billy.
  2. Secret of Scary Valley (November 29, 1980) - Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and Dino encounter a UFO and aliens created to mask expensive perfume production.
  3. The Witch of the Wardrobe (December 6, 1980) - Pebbles and Bamm Bamm chase after a witch who wants to steal a coat at a fashion show.
  4. Monster Madness (December 13, 1980) - When their baseball goes into an abandoned house, Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and Dino try to get it back. Along the way, they have to dodge Count Rockula and his monsters who want to be rid of them.
  5. The Show Must Go On (December 20, 1980) - Pebbles plans to put on their class show in a haunted theater.
  6. The Beast of Muscle Rock Beach (December 27, 1980) - A creepy beast is on the loose while Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and Dino are on a picnic at Muscle Rock Beach.
  7. In Tune With Terror (January 3, 1981) - Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm help a famous singer from a jealous phantom haunting the Rockadelic Recording Studio.
  8. The Curse of Tutrockamen (January 10, 1981) - Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and Dino meet with a mysterious mummy while at an Egyptian museum.
  9. The Hideous Hiss of the Lizard Monster (January 17, 1981) - On a visit to a candy factory, Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm and Dino get lost and end up asking for directions at a mine. When Dino goes into the mine by accident, the two teens must find him while dodging a hissing lizard monster.
  10. The Legend of Haunted Forest (January 24, 1981) -
  11. Double Trouble with Long John Silverock (January 31, 1981) - Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm meet two ghosts in the villa of a traveling acquaintance.

Season 2 (1981–82)

  1. A Night of Fright (September 12, 1981) - After their car gets stuck during a storm, Pebbles, Dino and Bamm-Bamm enter a very strange house.
  2. The Dust Devil of Palm Rock Springs (September 19, 1981) - Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, and Dino discover that the Dust Devil Of Palm Rock Springs is haunting a resort hotel. They also run into a man driving an overheated car.
  3. Dino and the Zombies (September 26, 1981) -
  4. The Ghost of the Neanderthal Giant (October 3, 1981) -
  5. Creature From the Rock Lagoon (October 10, 1981) -
  6. Dino and the Giant Spiders (October 17, 1981) -
  7. The Ghastly Gatorsaurus (October 24, 1981) -

Captain Caveman

This segment serves as a prequel to the earlier series Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels, focusing on Captain Caveman's time in Bedrock before he was frozen in ice. Captain Caveman (under his "secret identity" of Chester the office boy), Betty and Wilma work for Lou Granite (based on Lou Grant) at The Daily Granite. To disguise himself as Chester, Captain Caveman wore a pair of glasses and a tie (similar to the Clark Kent persona used by Superman). Despite the simplicity of his disguise, he required a coat rack and an elaborate transformation sequence to become Captain Caveman.

Season 1 (1980–81)

  1. Clownfoot (November 22, 1980) - Clownfoot and his strongman henchman Samson have robbed the First National Bank and it's up to Captain Caveman to stop them.
  2. The Masquerader (November 29, 1980) - The Masquerader steals paintings from the Vanderslate Art Museum disguised as Captain Caveman.
  3. The Animal Master (December 6, 1980) -
  4. The Mole (December 13, 1980) -
  5. Rollerman (December 20, 1980) -
  6. Vulcan (December 27, 1980) - The evil Vulcan uses a volcano to hold Bedrock hostage.
  7. Punk Rock (January 3, 1981) - Rock and roll criminal Punk Rock decides to kidnap Betty so she can be his groupie.
  8. Braino (January 10, 1981) - Braino wants to conquer the whole world with the help of a cannon.
  9. The Incredible Hunk (January 17, 1981) - Captain Caveman must fight the huge Incredible Hunk which has kidnapped Wilma.
  10. Iceman (January 24, 1981) - Iceman and his sidekick Snow Bunny are freezing all of Bedrock in order to steal every diamond in Bedrock.
  11. The Mummy's Worse (January 31, 1981) - Captain Caveman must save Betty from a living mummy left over from a long-gone kingdom.

Season 2 (1981–82)

  1. Pinkbeard (September 12, 1981) - Betty and Wilma investigate the disappearance of ships in the Bedrock Triangle.
  2. The Blimp (September 19, 1981) - The Blimp has kidnapped a collection of entertainers, but Captain Caveman, Wilma and Betty must stop him from kidnapping more stars from the air.
  3. Futuro (September 26, 1981) - In his hunt for a crook from the future, Captain Caveman leaves the Stone Age and finds his way in the future.
  4. Mr. Big (October 3, 1981) -
  5. Stormfront and Weathergirl (October 10, 1981) - Stormfront and Weathergirl break into the Roxagon to steal the top secret plans for a weather satellite.
  6. Crypto (October 17, 1981) - Captain Caveman must save Wilma and Betty from the evil Crypto, a monument robber causing mischief in Bedrock.
  7. Presto (October 24, 1981) - Captain Caveman must redirect Presto the Sorcerer's magic beam and break his power forever.

Dino and Cavemouse

The segment featured Dino pitted against a pesky little cavemouse in chase sequences similar to the Tom and Jerry theatrical shorts. These sequences were supervised by notable animation director Tex Avery. Two segments aired per episode.

Season 1 (1980–81)

  1. Mouse Cleaning (November 22, 1980) - Wilma is fed up and moves in with Barney and Betty until Cavemouse is chased away. Fred and Dino used an electronic brain device to devise ways to get rid of Cavemouse.
  2. Quiet Please! (November 22, 1980) - Dino cannot manage to silence Cavemouse at night.
  3. Camp-Out Mouse (November 29, 1980) - Fred and Dino go on a camping trip, but the pesky Cavemouse follows them.
  4. Piece O'Cake (November 29, 1980) - Dino is assigned by Fred to guard Barney's birthday cake from Cavemouse.
  5. Beach Party (December 6, 1980) - Cavemouse rescues Dino from a shark.
  6. Ghost Mouse (December 6, 1980) - When Cavemouse jumps into a flour barrel, he pretends to be a ghost mouse.
  7. Disco Dino (December 13, 1980) - Dino is in hot pursuit of Cavemouse while on roller stakes.
  8. Going Ape (December 13, 1980) - An escaped gorilla finds refuge in the Flintstones house.
  9. Finger Lick'N Bad (December 20, 1980) - Cavemouse uses the Flintstones' food supplies to outsmart Dino.
  10. Wet Paint (December 20, 1980) - Dino and Cavemouse wreak havoc at the Flintstones house with Fred's paint.
  11. Flying Mouse (December 27, 1980) - Dino is assigned to guard the picnic supplies from Cavemouse.
  12. Rocko Socko (December 27, 1980) - Fred hires Rocko Socko to eliminate Cavemouse.
  13. Aloha Mouse (January 3, 1981) - Dino and Cavemouse encounter a shark on a trip to Hawaii.
  14. Arcade Antics (January 3, 1981) - Dino and Cavemouse confront a burglar while on night watch in a penny arcade.
  15. Come Home, Dino (January 10, 1981) - Cavemouse sends Dino to the animal shelter, but soon gets a guilty conscience.
  16. Robin Mouse (January 10, 1981) - While Fred and Dino go fishing, Cavemouse meets with Robin Mouse.
  17. A Fool for Pool (January 17, 1981) - Dino and Cavemouse chase each other on Fred's new pool table.
  18. L'il Orphan Alphie (January 17, 1981) - Alphie the mouse plays the poor orphan who desperately needs something to eat.
  19. Abra-Ca-Dino (January 24, 1981) - Dino tries to capture Cavemouse with magic tricks.
  20. The Bedrock 500 (January 24, 1981) - Dino chases after Cavemouse while participating in the Bedrock 500 car race.
  21. Who is What? (January 31, 1981) - Fred disguises himself as a dinosaur to drive Cavemouse out of the house.
  22. Pow-Pow the Dyno-Mite (January 31, 1981) - Dino's cousin Pow-Pow wants to help him capture Cavemouse.

Season 2 (1981–82)

  1. Goofed-Up Golf (September 12, 1981) - Dino pursues Cavemouse on a golf course.
  2. Sleepy Time Mouse (September 12, 1981) - Dino wants to sleep, but Cavemouse keeps him awake at night.
  3. S'No Place Like Home (September 19, 1981) - Dino chases after Cavemouse on a ski slope.
  4. Super-Dupes (September 19, 1981) - Dino and Cavemouse go against each other disguised as Super Dino and Super Mouse.
  5. Dinner for Two (September 26, 1981) - Cavemouse falls in love.
  6. Invasion of the Cheese Snatchers (September 26, 1981) - Fred is visited by an alien mouse.
  7. Handle With Scare (October 3, 1981) - When Cavemouse is accidentally sprayed with red paint, Fred and Dino mistakenly believe he is the explosive red robot mouse that escaped from a laboratory.
  8. The World's Strongest Mouse (October 3, 1981) - With the help of a relaxation technique, Cavemouse becomes the strongest mouse in the world.
  9. Bat's All (October 10, 1981) - A vampire mouse visits Cavemouse.
  10. Trick or Treat (October 10, 1981) - Dino and Cavemouse fight over the Halloween candy while trick or treating.
  11. Do or Diet (October 17, 1981) - Fred decides to lose weight again. However, this costs more strength than he thought.
  12. Mouse for Sale (October 17, 1981) - Fred and Dino want to sell Cavemouse to a laboratory.
  13. Maltcheese Falcon (October 24, 1981) -
  14. Invisible Mouse (October 24, 1981) - Cavemouse makes himself invisible with Fred's invisibility spray.

The Frankenstones

This segment featured the Flintstones' neighbors The Frankenstones: Frank, his wife Hidea, their kooky daughter Atrocia, and their teenage son Freaky who is friends with fellow teenager Pebbles Flintstone.

Season 1 (1980–81)

  1. Birthday Boy (November 22, 1980) - Despite objections, Freaky tries to sneak Pebbles into his birthday party disguised as a witch.
  2. Potion Problem (November 29, 1980) - Atrocia creates a potion that makes everybody hate each other.
  3. A Night on the Town (December 6, 1980) - The Flintstones and the Frankenstones have a night on the town that soon turns into a disaster.
  4. Out of Their League (December 13, 1980) - Fred and Frank become coaches of opposing baseball teams and compete in a match.
  5. Clone for a Day (December 20, 1980) - Atrocia clones a "nice" Fred to keep her dad from getting angry.
  6. A Stone is Born (December 27, 1980) - Fred and Frank work involuntarily together on Fred's first TV appearance. As expected, the whole thing turns into a mess.
  7. A Rocks-Pox on You (January 3, 1981) - Fred and Wilma get more than they bargained for when they visit the Frankenstones house at the time when it is quarantined.
  8. The Luck Stops Here (January 10, 1981) - When Frank breaks a mirror, the Frankenstone family is cursed only with bad luck.
  9. The Monster of Invention (January 17, 1981) - Fred and Frank both go to great lengths to out-invent each other for an invention competition, but the result surprises both of them.
  10. Rock and Rolling Frankenstones (January 24, 1981) - At a rock concert, Frank becomes a star because of his hot temper.
  11. Sand Doom (January 31, 1981) - By coincidence, the Flintstones and the Frankenstones rent a shared holiday home.

Season 2 (1981–82)

  1. Pet Peeves (September 12, 1981) - Dino and Rockjaw want to become movie stars.
  2. The Charity Bizarre (September 19, 1981) - The Frankenstones open a carnival to prevent officers Fred and Barney from foreclosing their home.
  3. Getting the Business (September 26, 1981) - Fred is forced to accept Frank as a partner in his new lunch truck business.
  4. Ugly is Only Skin Deep (October 3, 1981) - Fred and Frank take part in the Bedrock Beauty Contest disguised as their wives.
  5. Three Days of the Mastodon (October 10, 1981) - The best practical jokes win Frank or Fred lodge membership.
  6. First Family Fiasco (October 17, 1981) - The Frankenstones and the Flintstones compete for the First Family of Bedrock award.
  7. House Wars (October 24, 1981) - While their wives are away, Fred and Frank wage a war to make each other move.


  • Gay Autterson – Betty Rubble, Wiggy
  • Mel Blanc – Barney Rubble, Captain Caveman, Dino
  • Henry Corden – Fred Flintstone
  • Ruta Lee – Hidea Frankenstone
  • Kenneth Mars – Lou Granite
  • Mitzi McCall – Penny
  • Don Messick – Schleprock
  • Charles Nelson Reilly – Frank Frankenstone
  • Paul Reubens – Freaky Frankenstone
  • Zelda Rubinstein – Atrocia Frankenstone
  • Michael Sheehan – Bamm-Bamm Rubble
  • John Stephenson – Mr. Slate
  • Russi Taylor – Pebbles Flintstone, Cavemouse
  • Jean Vander Pyl – Wilma Flintstone
  • Lennie Weinrib – Moonrock, Sgt. Boulder
  • Frank Welker – Shmoo, Rockjaw

Additional voices

  • René Auberjonois
  • Joe Baker
  • Buster Jones
  • Frank Nelson
  • Marilyn Schreffler
  • Lurene Tuttle
  • Paul Winchell

Home media releases

In the 1980s, two videocassette editions of The Flintstone Comedy Show were released:

  • The Flintstone Comedy Show: 25th Silver Anniversary Special, a 60-minute cassette containing six episodes ("Mountain Frustration", "Potion Problem", "Camp-Out Mouse", "Clownfoot", "The Ghost Sitters", "Sands of the Saharastone"), was released by Worldvision Home Video in 1985.
  • The Flintstone Comedy Show 2: Curtain Call, a 60-minute cassette containing six episodes ("Gold Fever", "Night on the Town", "Monster Madness", "Arcade Antics", "Follow That Dogosaurus", "Be Patient, Fred"), was released by Worldvision Home Video in 1986.

To date, The Flintstone Comedy Show has not been released on DVD.

Currently, The Flintstone Comedy Show is streaming on the Boomerang streaming service as Flintstone Frolics.

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