For the episode of the same name, see The Flintstone Flyer.
Flintstone Flyer

Barney and Fred with the Flintstone Flyer.

The Flintstone Flyer, also known as the Barney-copter, is a machine created by Barney Rubble. The machine, when peddling the peddles and turning the fan with the handles, will fly in the air.


One Sunday morning, when Fred Flintstone was trying to have a sleep in his hammock, Barney was fixing his machine, which he was going to name the "Barney-copter". At first, Fred was skeptical, thinking it wouldn't work. Later, Barney began using the machine to fly leisurely. Fred, excited, decided to take ownership of the machine, and named it the "Flintstone Flyer".

Sometime later, when their wives went to the opera, Fred and Barney, the former pretending to be sick and the latter nursing him, used the Flintstone Flyer to get to the bowling alley and back. When the women came home, Barney accidentally blew their cover, and so Fred and Barney rode around in the air for six hours, hoping to get away from their wives, only resulting in them being angry.


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