The Flintmobile (also known as the Cavemobile) is an iconic vehicle owned by Fred Flintstone, featured in the original series and franchise, The Flintstones by Hanna-Barbera.


It is Fred's car, and he commonly uses it. For example, Fred's drives to get to work on time at the Slate Rock and Gravel Company and then after work, he drives it to get to his home and also other places at Bedrock wherever he goes, including the Bedrock Drive-in Theater at night to watch a movie with the gang including his best pal, Barney Rubble, his wife Wilma and her friend, Betty, along with Dino, Baby Puss, Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm from the iconic theme song, Meet the Flintstones. Although Wilma has rarely driven it at some point.


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