Eithne "Edna" Flintstone (maiden name Hardrock) is a fictional character in the television animated series The Flintstone Kids. She was the wife of caveman Ed Flintstone, mother of the protagonist of the show, Fred Flintstone, the mother-in-law of Wilma, the grandmother of Pebbles, the great-grandmother of Chip and Roxy and her best friends were her next door neighboors are Flo and Bob Rubble.

Fictional character biography

While the mid-1980s spin-off series The Flintstone Kids depicts Edna as a fourty year old mother of a ten year old boy named Freddy. Edna is a dynamic husband and good mother, despite having very fond of her only son. Edna loves to watch her ​​son play football, but the more she loves being the coach, so this way Freddy has won numerous awards in football thanks to his mother. Edna besides watching football, cares about household chores also Edna like to chatting with Flo Rubble and going to shopping.

In the spin-off series The Flintstone Kids were Edna appeared was heavy, similar in build to the men of Bedrock rather than the more shapely Flo (Barney's mother) and Jean (Betty's mother). Edna wore a red dress to the knee, a necklace with three rocks in the middle and a turquoise leash around the neck and a bone on hair (just like Pebbles), created a ball on the edge

Edna's family was the Hardrocks from Arkenstone, she had a little sister named Jemina and a big brother named Tex who had two children, Tumbleweed and Mary Lou Jim. Edna's mother was Lucile Fangstone-Hardrock and her father James Hardrock.

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