Dreamchip Gemstone is one of the recurring characters of The Flintstone Kids, a spin-off of the original series, The Flintstones.


Dreamchip was a rich girl who attended the public Bedrock Elementary School and had a crush on Freddy Flintstone, which was reciprocated, but caused something of a love triangle between Dreamchip, Freddy and Wilma Slaghoople, until they didn't seem to either bother or care about it anymore.

Physical Appearance

Dreamchip is a short little cavegirl with fair skin, pink lips, thin black eyebrows, blonde hair with a pink hairband and blue eyes. She wears a light robin's-egg blue dress with dark blue triangles stitched to it and a pretty pink bow.



  • The first season had several episodes about the love triangle between Dreamchip, Freddy Flintstone and Wilma Slaghoople (foreshadowing the future marriage of the latter two), but was inexplicably dropped in the second season. This was most likely to limit romance among kids to puppy love.
  • From the episode, "Indiana Flintstone" in a fantasy when Nate Slate is showing off Slate's Souvenirs, Dreamchip's voice is also heard promoting it off-screen, but it's unclear if it's supposed to be from her or not.
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