"Dr. Sinister" is the eighth episode of the fifth season and the one hundred and twenty-second overall episode of the original series, The Flintstones. It aired on November 5, 1964.


Fred and Barney are caught up in a swirl of spies' intrigue, with exotic and menacing strangers and multiple threats on their lives, all while Wilma and Betty are waiting for them to return with the burgers and buns.


Fred and Barney are en route to a supermarket for ten pounds of brontosaurus-burgers and some buns when they are stopped in Fred's car on the road by a desperate and fearful man who believes them to be couriers of spy materials, gives to them an envelope, and commands them to deliver the envelope to a clandestine address, 1717 Stony Lane- before he is forced into another car by phantom, battering arms and spirited away from Fred and Barney!

Always the Good Samaritans, Fred and Barney "do a favor" for the unfortunate man and comply with his directive. They arrive at 1717 Stony Lane, where Barney slips the envelope under a house's door and is grabbed and pulled inside of the mysterious structure by the ravishing arms of femme fatale Madame Yes. Fred follows his friend inside of the Stony Lane edifice and, like Barney, is enamored by the mysterious woman smoking a filtered cigarette, speaking with an affected French accent, and urging them after they have handed the envelope to her not to say anything to her espionage foes who have followed Fred and Barney to 1717 Stony Lane and who are in the process of invading the premises.

Madame Yes disappears through a mechanically opening and closing hole in the wall, and Fred and Barney are surrounded by Yes' austere adversaries. When they fail to provide to the brutal agents any information as to the present whereabouts of the "plans" in the envelope, the unwitting pair, now caught in the machinations of an evil scientist- Dr. Sinister- based inside an island volcano, are transported by pterodactyl-aeroplane to Sinister's headquarters by Sinister's henchmen. Fred and Barney are sealed by mechanical portals in a luxurious room as a temptation of the opulence that they will enjoy if they cooperate with green-skinned, pointy-headed, red-haired Sinister by revealing the location of the "plans". But they do not know where those documents are and cannot divulge unpossessed information.

Naturally, Sinister disbelieves their claim of ignorance and orders his minions to tie Flintstone and Rubble to a cot beneath a slowly descending, swinging pendulum blade, which Barney ingeniously uses to cut the rope binding his strategically raised arms, to enable him to liberate himself and Fred from the cot, of course after all of Sinister's men have departed the room. Fred and Barney's effort to escape Sinister headquarters through a convenient special passageway is forestalled by their discovery that Madame Yes has also been captured by Sinister and is chained to a wall.

Barney succeeds in snatching the key to Yes' chain shackles from a lone, dozing Sinister guard, and he and Fred free Yes from her predicament. However, the troublesome woman's dropping to floor of one of the shackles awakens the guard. Madame Yes succeeds in eluding the guard, but Fred and Barney are not quite as fortunate as she! The guard carries them to Sinister, who, impressed by what he thinks is their courageous resolve to thwart his devious aims, tries to convince them to join him in world conquest. Fred and Barney refuse the offer of shared megalomania, and Sinister tries to extract information from the two "spies" by threatening to drop them into a bottomless pit.

With judo-chop-chops learned from watching James Bondrock movies, Fred and Barney overcome all of Sinister's men and, again "on the run", are reunited with Madame Yes and guided by her to a self-destruct lever for obliterating Sinister's lair and to an escape route. Fred and Barney must swim for dear life away from the island, while Yes flees the impending explosion by holding the feet of a flying pterodactyl. Wilma and Betty disbelieve the returned-to-home Fred and Barney's account of the Sinister Affair, until Madame Yes, with car trouble, calls at the Flintstone door to ask for help- and Fred and Barney barricade the door!





  • 1717 Stoney Lane (only appearance)
  • Dr. Sinister's lair (only appearance)


  • TV
  • Dr. Sinister's World Destruction Machine (only appearance)


  • Rockwheat bread
  • Peanut butter sandwich (only appearance)
  • Can of Tunasaurus (only appearance)
  • Chickenasaurus Soup
  • Chickenasaurus Drumstick
  • Bronto-Burgers




  • James Bondrock (movie)


Alan Reed Fred Flintstone
Jean Vander Pyl Wilma Flintstone
Pebbles Flintstone
Girl #2
Madame Yes
Mel Blanc Barney Rubble
Dr. Sinister
Gerry Johnson Betty Rubble
Don Messick Bamm-Bamm Rubble
Doug Young James Bondrock
Guy (Street)
Guard/Strong Guy


  • In this episode, an allusion and a spoof of the James Bond film franchise, the titluar villain makes his lair inside a dormant volcano. The James Bond film, You Only Live Twice, released three years later, also features a villain who makes his lair inside a dormant volcano.


  • None known.

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