Dottie from Just Say No

Dottie is one of the characters from the 1988 special The Flintstone Kids' "Just Say No" Special.


Dottie was first introduce when Freddy, Barney, Betty and Philo when to see Wilma, who was hanging with her and her friends while the others were on vacation. It was shown that Dottie and Wilma act like best friends,even giving her a nickname: "Scooter" until Stoney arrived and wanted her and Willma to do drug, however Wilma refuse to hang out with them but still considered Dottie her friend.

After losing the Riddle Race Dottie, along with Joey and Clyde left Stoney and joined Wilma's "Just Say No!" club, in which Stoney was discovered to have the drugs by an officer and taken to the police station. Later during Micheal Jackstone performs it was Shown that Dottie and the others also attended, suggesting that they got their own tickets.


  • Dottie is the only female member of the gang
  • She is also the only one seen wearing boots. The others are barefoot.
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